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How Many Casino Accounts Should I Open Online?

Posted by Adrian B on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

You will be permitted to open just one account at any one single casino site, so never think that by opening up more than one account at any casino site offering a huge sign up welcome type of bonus you can claim that bonuses repeatedly!

However, there are going to be lots of benefits coming your way if you make the wise decision of opening up a wide range of casino accounts at different casino sites, and not only in regards to each sites respective bonus offers either!

To help you make sense of what those benefits are we have put together and compiled the following guide that will explain to you just why many savvy online slot and casino game players do make something of a concerted effort opening up lots of casino accounts.

Keep in mind however, that the very best casinos at which to play at as a real money player are the ones that we have reviewed and have listed throughout this website, and every single one of them is fully licensed and regulated too, so you will get access to lots of certified fair and random games when playing at any of them and will also get paid out quickly when you win too!


More Casino Accounts Means More Bonus Offers

By opening up a range of different casino accounts you will then have much more choice in regards to the casino bonus offers and promotional deals you can pick and choose from, plus you will always find a bonus offer that does appeal to you when you want to play the more account you do open.

When playing off any welcome bonuses be aware that by showing something of a commitment to carry on play once you have played off your bonus credits is then going to see you being offered additional bonuses too.

But keep in mind that some casino sites do not like their players to only make a deposit and play when there are bonuses to be claimed, so every now and then try and make a deposit without claiming any bonuses as that will show you are a reasonable player who is not only interested in playing when there are bonuses up for grabs!

There are of course benefits of playing without bonuses every now and then, with the most obvious one being that you are not going to be required to meet any play through requirements when you are playing only your own deposited funds which you will always be obliged to do when playing with bonus credits!


Pooling Your Comp Points at More than One Casino Site

What you will often find if you choose to play at a casino site that is owned by a company that also owns and operates a range of other casino sites, is that you may find their comp clubs and player loyalty schemes are designed in such a way that all of your comp points earned when playing at any of their sites can be pooled together.

As such if you are the type of player who does like playing at different casinos then it may be quite beneficial for you to play at a chance of casinos owned by the same group, for you will find you will be earning more comp points as you play when your points are all being permed together when you play at each of their sites.

Just keep in mind though, that some casinos that are operated by the same group may not allow you to claim a sign up bonus at each of their sites, however there are a fair number of casinos that are part of a group that will allow you to sign up and play at each casino an also claim their respective casinos welcome sign up bonus offers too.

By earning more points at such sites in your comp or players club account you are going to also find you progress through the ranks of their loyalty scheme much quicker than you would playing at several casinos owned by different companies which is how you will earn more points based on your level of play and will often benefit from much more generous redemption rates too for turning your comps into bonus playing credits!



No matter how much of a rush you may be to play slot machines or for that matter any type of casino games online or on a mobile device always ensure the casino sites you do sign up to and play at are fully licensed and regulated.

By doing so you are always going to be playing at certified fair casino sites that will adhere to an industry wide code of conduct. For reference each of the casino sites listed throughout this website are all fully licensed and regulated.

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