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Jurassic Jackpot Slots

Slots Features

  • Software:
  • Reels:
    Release Date:
  • Paylines:
    Scatter Symbol:
  • Coin Range:
    $0.25 - $25
    Bonus Round:
  • Maximum Bet:
    50 coins
  • Jackpot:
    1,600 coins
    Wild Symbol:
(3 votes, average: 4.67 out of 5)
U.S. Players Not Accepted

Microgaming’s Jurassic Jackpot slot is a very cheaply designed classic slot machine game, which is a somewhat poor attempt to cash in on the Jurassic Park movie franchise. Unlike Jurassic Park though, Jurassic Jackpot has precious little entertainment value, although it does contains a wild icon. The graphics are the worst thing in this slot, so if you can overlook those, then you just might find Jurassic Jackpot an enjoyable title. We don’t want to rip this slot apart, but there are better dinosaur themed slot machines out there.

How to play Jurassic Jackpot slots online

For a 3 reel slot with only 1 active payline at any one time, we’d ordinarily say that the ability to wager a maximum stake of just a tenner is a good thing, however, let’s explore the slot a little more. Coin denominations range from $0.25 up to $5, and players can wager 2 coins per spin. So the minimum stake of $0.25 isn’t bad, and the maximum stake of $10 a spin is cheap too. But this slot only offers $8,000 as a jackpot, and Microgaming has developed many more classic slots that have much larger jackpots for the same stake.

Two Jurassic flower petals (which actually didn’t exist during Jurassic times) are the lowest paying icons in this slot, with single, double and triple bars also making an appearance in this slot game. A tyrannosaurus skeleton is the highest paying standard icon; with the Jurassic Park style Tyrannosaurus icon the special icon. Funnily enough, Tyrannosaurus didn’t live during Jurassic times either!

Jurassic Jackpot Slot Bonus Features

It might be 50 million years out of its comfort zone with this slots title, but the Tyrannosaurus is certainly special and wanted here. This icon acts not only as a wild symbol, but also as a multiplier. If players win with a wild in the combination, their winnings will be multiplied by 2x. If they win with 2 wilds in the mix, the player will win 4x the amount from the combination.

Jurassic Jackpot slot Payouts

Player can wager up to 2 coins in this slot, so that naturally makes for two separate pay tables. The first pay table is for 1 coin stakes, and will see players scoop 2 coins for any single flower, 5 coins for any 2 flowers or any 3 bars, and 10 coins for 3 flowers or 3 single bars on a payline. The player can also win 25 coins for 3 double bars, 40 coins for 3 triple bars, and 80 coins for 3 T-Rex skull icons.

On a double coin wager, the player will win nothing with any single flower, but they will win 10 coins for any 2 flowers or any 3 bars. 3 flowers or 3 single bars rewards players with payouts of 20 coins, and 50 coins are the prize for 3 double bar icons. Gamers can also scoop 80 coins for 3 triple bar icons and 160 coins for 3 skeleton icons.

The Jurassic Jackpot

In order to win one of two jackpots, the player will need to line up 3 Tyrannosaurus Rex icons on the game’s only payline. If they have a single coin wagered when they do so, they will in a top jackpot of 800 coins. If they were to line up the same icons with a 2 coin stake, then the jackpot would double to a 1,600 coin payout.

Other notes on Jurassic Jackpot

Unfortunately, this slot doesn’t contain good graphics, and it also makes the same rookie mistakes a lot of people do when talking about the Age of Dinosaurs. If you can excuse that the research hasn’t been done with the Tyrannosaur and that flowers didn’t exist in the Jurassic, then you’ll still more than likely be put off by the meagre $8,000 jackpot. As we’ve said, there are better slots, with more features, and higher jackpots out there all for the same max stake as in this title, and they are classic slots designed by Microgaming too!

Where to play Jurassic Jackpot Slots