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Are Low Variance Slots Better than High Variance Slots?

Low variance slot machines are slot games that have been designed in such a way that you will get more low valued winning combinations spinning in and will also find that when playing such slots if they have any bonus games or bonus features they tend to rigger fairly frequently.

As such you do not have the chance of winning life changing jackpots when playing those types of slot machines, but you will have very enjoyable and often much longer slot playing sessions and could win some reasonable amounts of cash if everything falls into place when playing them too.

This guide is going to be looking at the pros and cons of playing low variance slot machines in any playing environment, so read on to find out if they are going to be the ideal one’s for you to play based on your playing style and your bankroll, as there will be no shortages of low variance slot machines on offer to you at any online or mobile casino site.


Low Variance Classic Slots

Classic slots may not be the most exciting slot games to play for when you do come across one of them you will find the only way you can win is by spinning in a winning combination as they do not offer any types of bonus games or bonus features.

All classic slot games share a more or less identical playing structure and design and as such no matter which one you choose to play you will find the slot has three stepper type reels as opposed to video reels and there is just one single payline on offer too.

However, the lower variance classic slots will be fun to play for they will spin in a lot of winning combinations over time on that one single payline and one tip for playing them is to try and play the maximum number of coins you are allowed to ager on that payline per spin, as often the rather modest single coin jackpot is massively enhanced in value when you spin it is when playing maximum coin spins!

So do be on the lookout for such slot for whilst they will not be entertaining slots to play due to them not having bonus games or bonus feature you should get plenty of pay time from them via their regularly spun in winning combinations!


Video Slots with a Low Variance Playing Structure

The main reason why you are going to want to get stuck into playing video slot games as opposed to the more basic playing and paying three reel slot machine is that video slot offer a much more entertaining and exciting playing structure.

For when playing many such slots you could spin in a set of special bonus symbols and/or scatter symbols and when you spin in enough of them you will then trigger all manner of different bonus games and bonus features.

As such for some very long slot playing session you should try and track down a low variance video slot that has multiple different bonus games and bonus features on offer and play them for some low stake amounts.

As by doing so you will get plenty of play time from your bankroll and when those bonus games have been trigged you could be lucky enough to win some fairly high amounts of cash too!


Utilizing Bonuses to Extend Your Play Time

Whilst you will always find your money does stretch much further when you set about playing low variance slot you will also find here are additional ways of getting even more value from your deposits and your available bankroll too.

The main way of massively increasing the value of your bankroll and getting much longer online slot playing sessions is by you hunting around for the very best valued casino bonuses that can be utilized on slot games.

Look out for the 100% deposit match bonuses or those that have a high percentage in regards to who much the casino site will match on your next deposit as those will give you loads of extra playing resist when you have claimed them.

The terms and conditions are however a very important part of any bonus offers true value and as such before you do claim any bonus offers at any online or mobile casino sites that may have caught your eye and attention make sure you read though those terms and condition.

You will be always best advised to avoid claiming any slot game related bonuses that have cash out limits attached to them as you will only ever be able to win a limited amount of cash when using those types of bonus offers and always look out for slot bonuses that have the lowest play through requirements too as they have the best value.

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