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Are Online Slot Comps Subject to Play Through Requirements?

big-kahuna-snakes-and-ladders-slotA casino comp club is a way that the casino site or sites you are playing at as a real money player is or are going to reward all of your real money gaming action, no matter which of their casino games you decide to play, and as such there can be quite a number of different comp clubs you will come across online at various different online casino sites.

However, the way in which you earn those points is such that the more you play win or lose the more points you will accumulate, but each casino will award you with a different number of points based on how much you have gambled at their respective casino.

The redemption rates at each casino in regards to you swapping your comp points can and will also vary quite noticeably from casino to casino and as such you should always be paying attention to the fine print of the terms and conditions attached to any casino comp club you are a member of to ensure you are always then getting the maximum playing value via your comps.

There is also something else worth knowing in regards to swapping your comp points for playing credits and that is that some casino sites will award your comped playing credits as cash credits so you can do anything you like with those credit but some casino sites will award your comped playing credits as bonus credits so you will have play through requirements attached to those bonus credits!


How Can I Earn More Comped Playing Credits?

There are several ways that you can increase the number of comp points you can earn when playing at any online or mobile casino sites the very first way is quite obvious and that is by you playing more slot for real money!

However, also keep in mind that if you choose to play the slots on which you will find the very highest of payout percentages then due to the number of winning payout on those slot you will be getting being higher than when playing lower paying slots you will naturally earn many more comp points over the long term playing on those higher paying slots.

Also look out for special promotional offers available from time to time as many casino sites will increase the number of comp point you will earn when playing for example themed slot games at certain times of the year, such as Easter themed slots over Easter and Christmas and Festive themed slots over Christmas!


When Should I Cash-In My Comps?

Many casinos will give you the option of cashing in your casino comps at a time of your own choosing, however be aware that there are a number of casino sites who will not let you do that an instead they will redeem all of your comps for you automatically once as week or once a month.

Therefore if you are quite happy to wait a week or a month to be able to get your comp points redeemed and turning into playing credits then you can play at any casino site, however for you to have the added advantage of being able to cash in your comps at any time and redeem them for playing credits stick to playing at our approved casino sites as many of them will also you to do just that.

In regards to when you should cash in your comp points, that decision is up to you, for they can come in handy when you want to carry on playing but have ran out of casino credits, but many players tend to save them up until they have enough for a long slot playing session without those players having to make a deposit!



You will be best advised to stick to those casino sites we have showcased around our website, for those are the casinos that are going to give you not only the very best range of slot games, but also the best rewards when you play their slots for reel money.

Each casino will have their own comp club and many of them will have a must tiered type of comp club, so if you are something of a regular or high rolling online slot player then you will always find that when you concentrate your playing efforts in just one casino site you will earn more rewards from your real money slot playing action at one site as opposed to spreading your action around several different casino sites.

However, as mentioned above the very best types of comped playing credits you will ever earn at any online casino site will be those that give you your comped playing credits as cash credits, as you will never have any play through requirements attached to them, so make sure that is one of the main features you look for from any casino sites you are thinking of playing at! But also be aware that ongoing bonuses can often be more generous in nature than a simple comp club!

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