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Best Slots for Inexperienced Players to Play

If you have never played slot machines or fruit machines in any type of playing environment but that is something you are willing to do then the following guide is going to be worth reading through, for we will let you know just which slots are going to be the best ones to play if you have never played such games before.

You will be able to play some highly advanced slot games that really will completely envelop you and will give you a  fully rounded and very enjoyable gaming experience, however there are some very easy to play and basic online slot machines also available.

With that in mind do have a good read through this guide for you will probably want to start playing slots that will appeal to you, and with thousands of them on offer you will certainly find plenty of them that do stick all of the boxes in regards to what you are looking for!

Keep in mind you are more than welcome to try out and play online slot games for free and at no risk, so whilst you are playing or free you get put together a shortlist of the slots you will fancy playing later for real money!


Basic Playing Online Slots

The slot machines that tend to have the most basic playing structures are the classic slots and the slot machines which have three reels on offer, and as such if you do not want to play very confusing slots which come with all manner of additional extras then they are the slots you should be tracking down and playing.

There are some slot game known as classic slots and when playing those types of three reel slots you have just one single payline on offer, however most of those slots will let you play more than one coin on that payline per spin.

By playing the maximum number of coins on that one single payline what you will often find is that there is an enhanced jackpot payout on offer, if you are lucky enough to spin in the jackpot paying combination, and as such the very best strategy for playing those slots is to put into play the maximum coins permitted per spin a you will win more if and when the jackpot paying combination does finally spin in on the payline!


Advanced Slot Machines

Video slot games that have more than one bonus game or bonus feature are going to be quite advanced slot games and you will always be best advised to spend a little bit of time reading through he help files and the pay tables of such slots to discover how those bonus game are features trigger and how they play off too.

Keep in mind however you may be required to play such slot in a certain way to have the chance of triggering those bonus games and bonus features, so make sure if you are required to do so then that is the way you play such slots which could be with maximum pay line spins or max bet spins in play.

The bonus games it should be pointed out often offer payout much higher in size and value than you can win when playing off a base game spin so you will always be aiming to trigger those bonus games as with some luck in playing you really could win big!


The Best Slot Games to Play

One final thing that may just help you decide which slot games to play online or in a mobile or even land based playing environment is that you have to keep in mind very slot will have been designed in such a way that over the long term it will return a certain expected payout percentage.

Some online slot games can pay back as little as 88% or even lower and they are the types of slot game you should avoid playing at all costs.

Instead be on the lookout for casino sites that have lists of each of the payout percentages that each of their respective slot games have been set to return to plays and those lists are often found on their website somewhere.

By looking through such a list you will come across plenty of slots which have payout percentages set at over 97% or even higher and as such those slot games will always be the very best slot games to play, for when you play them you will benefit form much better returns.

However, any slot you do play could award a huge jackpot payout or a high paying bonus game or bonus feature, but those which have been designed to payout more over the long term should be the slot you are actively always looking to get stuck into playing!

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