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Best Summer Slot Tournaments

ho-ho-ho-slotOne type of online casino competition which is very popular with players is those which are known as slot tournaments. It does not matter that what time of the year you have chosen to play in an online casino you are always going to find slot of different slot tournaments on offer.

However, in this slot playing guide we are going to be taking a look at which slot tournaments are going to be worth entering during the summer months. For there are usually a much fewer number of player slogged into an online casino when the weather is warm outside, and by entering a slot tournament which has just a small number of entrant in it that will increase your chance of winning a cash prize on those tournaments!

The vast majority of the online casino sites which we have fully reviewed throughout this website will hold their own exclusive slot tournament during the summer, whilst some casinos namely those using the Microgaming gaming platforms will have a network wide range of slot tournament on offer and as such you will find the same tournaments on offer at any casino site using their gaming platforms.


Free Slot Tournaments

The most cost efficient slot tournament you are going to be play over the summer are those which have no entry fee attached to them. With that in mind you need to look through the listing of up and coming slot tournaments on any casino sites tournament schedule and register to take part in those highlighted as freeroll slot tournaments.

When you take part in that type of tournament once the tournament has begun you will be credited with a large number of tournament coins and you then have to play the slot game attached to that tournament as quickly as you can do.

You are allowed to keep on playing hat slot game until your tournament coins have all run out of your timer which you will always see displayed on the side of the slot game you are playing reaches zero.

All of the winnings you achieve during a free to enter slot tournament are not credited to your casino account balance but instead they are turned into points. It is the player or player who wins the most during the slot tournament and therefore is awarded the highest number of points that will win the cash prizes on offer.


Paid to Enter Slot Tournaments

There are two different types of paid to enter slot tournaments that you will come across at various casinos during the summer, some require you to pay a one off entry fee and in exchange for that entry fee you will be awarded with a certain number of coins, and you are then faced with using those coins on the tournament slot to try and amass the highest score based on how many winning combinations you spin in.

The other type of paid to enter slot tournament is one on which you simply play any slot game on offer in the casino with your own money. By playing those slot games for real money you will earn casino comp points in the usual way.

However, if you are one of the players who manages to accumulate the most comp points when playing in one of these tournaments then it will be you who picks up one of the case prizes on offer.

The downside to a comp points based slot tournament is that you will be playing each spin of the slot game reels with your own money, so they may be higher risk slot tournament but having said that any and all winning payouts you do manage to achieve will be yours to keep, on top of any tournament prizes you mange to win!



It is always going to be worth taking part in a free to enter slot tournament, whether you have spent up your gaming budget or not, for with real cash prizes on offer on those tournaments you have nothing what so ever to lose.

However, always be prepared to look at just how many people have been entered into a slot tournament and if the prizes on offer are guaranteed, no matter how many entrants there have been, if you find a slot tournament with just small number of players registered to take part in them then your overall winning chances will naturally increase.

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