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Can an Online Casino Reset the RTP’s Of Their Slot Machines?

One of the most important aspects in regards to the design of a slot machine is its long term expected payout percentage. Most players have now acquired the knack of knowing how to find the payout percentage information of every single online slot game they play and will only ever set about playing those slots which have the very highest payout percentages.

However, I am often asked all manner of different questions relating to online slot games and one question I do get asked a lot is whether online casino site owners and operators can reset the payout percentages on their slot games or is there any way they can increase or decrease them whenever they like.

That is of course a very good question, for no slot player is going to want to start playing a slot game online that they believe to be set with a high payout percentage, only to discover later on that a casino operator has lowered the payout percentage of that slot.

The Gaming Commissions and Licensing Authorities that oversee and fully regulate most online casino sites have rules in place that state no slot machine that goes live on any gaming platform can have its payout percentage altered after going live.

Therefore by playing at a licensed casino, you will always find the range of slots always play out to the expected RTP’s that were in place when those slot games first went live on their gaming platforms.


How to Find RTP Related Information

Whilst some online casino sites have made locating all of the payout percentage information of their respective slot games very easy, some of them tend to hide away that information, so sometimes you will have to search in different places to find it!

However, there are usually three places that you will possible find the payout percentages that all slot games have been designed to payout, and with that in mind I will now let you know where to look.

The website of most casinos that are fully licensed is usually where they are legally obliged to have to list the long term expected payout percentages of each of their slot games so look there first!

If you cannot find the RTP information on a casinos website then another place where you may find it is on the actual pay tables of each individual slot game.

If you cannot find any trace of the RTP information on a slot games pay table then the last place to look is on the help files each slot game will have attached to them, if it’s not there either then you should avoid playing at that casino site!


Winning and Losing Sessions

One aspect of becoming a slot player in any playing environment that you are certainly going to have to get used to and will have no real control over are winning and losing sessions, as all slot games are random you could win or lose on any session you have playing any type of slot game.

However, whilst you will have no control over if you will win or lose, there is something you can control and that is how much you are prepared to lose and when you should shop playing to ensure you keep any winnings that you have been lucky enough to win!

So before you do start to play any online real money slots, try and work out what your ideal win goal is, the lower you set that win goal the more chance you will then have of achieving it. As soon as you are lucky enough to reach any win goal you have set then always stop playing, cash out your winnings and mark up that session as a winning one.

Also make sure you have a preset stop loss limit, never carry on playing when you have lost the set aside amount of cash you have for any session.



There are going to be plenty of little extras you can avail yourself of as an online slot player, and most casino sites do have a comp club scheme in place on their sites and as you play for real money you are going to be earning points that can then be swapped for playing credits.

Therefore if you do make the wise decision of playing only those slot games which offer high payout percentages then you will get more play time from your bankroll and that will in turn see you earning more comps as you do so.

There are also plenty of bonuses you can claim to help you get even longer slot playing sessions, and by claiming such bonuses and then playing only the better paying slots you will stand a much better chance of achieving any play through requirements attached to such bonuses.

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