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Can I Trigger Bonus Rounds Consecutively?

hitman-slot-free-spinsYou will often find yourself asking lots of questions when you start playing slot games online, and one question which you may have in regards to any slot which boasts a bonus game feature round, is whether it is possible to trigger that bonus game on consecutive spins.

As all of the casino sites offering all manner of different slot games which we have reviewed throughout this website have got 100% random slot games, then anything is of course possible when you play any of them.

With that in mind it is perfectly feasible that when playing any of the thousands of slots reviewed throughout this website you could trigger their bonus games in quick succession. However it is always worth noting that triggering two bonus games back to back is a very rare event, so do not pin your hopes on doing just that!

Below you will find some additional information that you may find interesting in regards to some of the more popular online slot games, so please do keep on reading for some of the slot games we are going to introduce to you do have very regularly triggering bonus games which may be the types of slots you are looking to play.


Slots Most Likely to Award a Bonus Feature

Some slot games you can access and play online have a set of bonus symbols or scatter symbols which are used to trigger the bonus feature, and some slots have many more of those symbols on their reels or have been designed with much shorter length reel strips.

By playing those slot games you will find, that on average you tend to trigger their respective bonus games and feature rounds much more regularly than when you are playing some other video slot games.

If you are a fan of slots which do award their bonus games very regularly due solely to the way those slots have been designed, then on slot game which is always going to be worthy of your play time and gaming action is Microgaming’s Halloweenies slot.

The Halloweenies slot has a free spins bonus game which is triggered by a set of Bunny themed reel symbols spinning in and you can also be awarded with a pick to win bonus game which is awarded to you when three or more of the Pumpkin reel symbols have spun in on the first reel and then on adjourning reels of any payline you have activated.

The free spins and the pick to win bonus game is triggered much more often on this slot game that virtually every other Microgaming designed slot and as such you should make the effort to play it for you should, on average, get its bonus games triggering a large number of times the more you do play it online!


Slots That Rarely Award Their Bonus Games

Whilst the slot games we have just introduced you to above can and will award their respective bonus game quite often, there are of course plenty of slot games which tend to award their bonus games much rarer and much less often.

We shall now take a look at some slots which tend to award their respective bonus games less often, however when these particular slot games do award their bonus games you stand to win some very large amounts of cash from them!

If you are playing Microgaming’s range of Mega Moolah slots then there is a randomly awarded bonus game which can be awarded to you no matter at what stakes you are playing those slot games for and this is the Mega Moolah bonus game.

Being randomly awarded there is no telling in advance just when that bonus game feature round will be awarded to you, but when it does you are going to be guaranteed of winning one of four different progressive jackpots.

The aim of that bonus game is for you to hope the segment of the wheel win lands facing the win pointer is one of the higher valued progressive jackpots which are displayed at the top of the slot game screen, the biggest of which is the Mega Jackpot which can turn you into an instant millionaire if you are awarded with that jackpot payout!



One thing that you do always need to be aware of is that a slot game due to its completely random nature, can and will award its bonus games at various stages of any session you are playing. You may find that one some online slot playing sessions you play you can trigger the bonus games a large number of times.

However, the opposite may also become a reality and sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you may never get to trigger a bonus game when playing any type of bonus game awarding slot game online!

With that in mind you really do need to keep a sane level head when playing slots online, for it can be a little too easy for players to get completely and utter obsessed with trying to trigger a slot games bonus feature round, and when that happens you may find that you spend a small fortunes trying to trigger a bonus game which you never manage to do!

In fact if you do find that you have played off hundreds or even thousands of base game spins and you do finally trigger a bonus game there is never any guarantees that the bonus game once you have played it off with pay out more than you have spent trying to trigger it! So always play with caution and certainly never try and chase a bonus game feature round on any slot game you are playing.

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