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Can I Win More Than One Jackpot Consecutively?

royal-7-slotWhat could be better than winning a huge valued progressive or standard slot game jackpot when playing any slot games online? Well, winning two jackpots in very quick succession is going to be every slot player’s idea of paradise and that is something we are going to be taking a look at in this particular slot game playing guide.

Thanks to the way that every single online slot game has been developed and designed, you will find that each of them offer you a completely random outcome on every single spin you choose to play off, and as such you could strike gold and win the jackpot at any time when playing any slot.

However, you will also find that with a huge amount of luck you could actually win two or more jackpots in very quick succession, as each slot game has no memory in regards to what it has already paid out and as such you could win more than one jackpot consecutively when playing those completely fair and random slot games.

Below is an overview on which slot games we think you will enjoy playing and below we will also be letting you know just what slots tend to award their jackpots much more frequently than other slot games award theirs!


Low Valued Regularly Won Slot Jackpots

There are quite a number of 3 reel classic slots on which you will find a jackpot worth only a few hundred coins and as such due to those jackpots being very low when compared to many of the other types of slot games available to you namely the video slot games, then those slots are going to award their respective jackpots much more often.

However, it will become apparent when you play such slots that the actual value of the jackpot can be enhanced when you play more than one coin on each spin and as such it is always worth you playing the maximum number of coins to have the best chances of winning one of those enhanced jackpots.

In fact, as 3 reel and classic slot games do not offer any type of bonus games or bonus features that does of course mean when playing those types of slot game online you are going to have a much greater chance of spinning in the jackpot paying reel symbols on the pay line or pay lines you have activated, so do consider giving some of those types of slot games a whirl when you can do!


Randomly Awarded Progressive Jackpots

Playing at Microgaming, Playtech or Real Time Gaming powered casino sites or at casino site that has those companies slot games on offer alongside other slot games will see you being given access to a range of slot games known as random jackpot slots.

When playing those types of video slots then on every single spin you play off for any stake amount you will have the chance of being awarded a jackpot via either a randomly awarded bonus game or simply at random at the end of any base game spin.

As you will find those types of slot games also award several different valued jackpots and as the lower valued jackpots are won every few minutes or so then you will have  a much greater chance of not only winning one of those jackpots but several progressive jackpots in fair quick succession, with some luck in playing of course!

Being random slots anything can and will happen when you play any type of online or mobile slot, but the more spins you play off on any type of slot game the more chances you will then have of winning one of those huge valued jackpots!



The best online casino sites you can play at these days are going to be the ones that have lots of slot games on offer but slot games that have been supplied by not just one single designer but many of them, and it is going to be the instant play casino sites that do offer you plenty of variety in regards to the range and types of slot games you can play online.

If you do take a good look around our website we are also going to be showcasing to you some of the best rated and highly recommended online casino sites who in addition to offering you an enormous range of different slot machines will also be offering you plenty of bonuses and slot comps too.

Look out for any of our approved online and mobile casino sites that are offering players the range of IGT Slot Games for those slot games can be played of various different stake amounts and could just award you more than one jackpot in very quick succession!

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