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Can You Spot a Slot that is About to Payout?

cash-splash-5-reel-slotCan You Spot a Slot that is About to Payout?

Knowing when any slot machine is about to payout some of the higher valued winning payouts listed upon its pay table is not something you are going to be able to predict every single time you log onto an online casino site! If it was possible then there would be a lot of very rich slot players out there.

In today’s article we are going to take a look at a few unique ways that a slot player may be able to predict when a slot game may be about to award a series of high valued winning payouts or when a progressive slot game may be about to payout its current progressive jackpot.

Be aware though that as every single slot machine and slot game you come across online, will have been independently certified as being 100% fair and random, there is never going to be and never has been any sure fire way of predicting when those high valued winning payouts are going to spin in.


Playing Hot or Cold Slot Games

There are many slot players that will look out for slots that have not paid anything out recently, as they will be under the impression that if any slot game has been playing cold for quite a while and no jackpots have been spun in, then that jackpot must be about to hit.

However, unlike when you play in a land based casino you are never going to be able to sit back and watch other slot players losing their bankrolls, and as such will not be able to pounce on that slot machine when they then walk off!

There is a handy feature available at Microgaming Powered Casinos and this is attached to all of their slots games including the 3 Reel Slots and their Bonus Video Slot Games, this is the Jackpot Thermometer and it is an online animation listed alongside each slot that will give you an immediate indication on whether the slot is hot or cold.

A cold slot is one that hasn’t paid out its jackpot as regularly as it could do and a hot slot is one that is really paying out and has awarded its jackpot regularly. So if you want some help as to picking a cold slot to play and one that maybe about to award its jackpot then do look out for that Jackpot Thermometer.

Some players on the other hand, will stick to playing hot slots, those are slots that are paying out a lot more than they usually do, once again the Microgaming Jackpot Thermometer will always give you an instant indication of which slots they are and locating them will be easy!


Progressive Jackpot Awarding Slot Games

The one type of slot game that can award some of the biggest jackpots is of course the progressive jackpot slots. You are going to find that every single online casino we have listed on this website will offer a very wide variety of these types of games.

Some of the most played progressive slots are the Cash Splash Slot Game along with some of the Real Series Slots which is found in our featured Real Time Gaming Powered Casino Sites. Whichever type of progressive jackpot slot game you like to play you are likely to find several of them at any casino you log onto, and in regards to which ones may be about to pay out, there are a few pointers we can pass on to you.

The thing to remember about any progressive slot game is that the way in which they award their respective jackpots is going to change depending on just which one you play, some award them completely at random such as the Real Series Slots we mentioned, and some like the Cash Splash slot game will require you to always place maximum bet spins to activate the jackpot payout.

So before playing any type of progressive jackpot slot machines online always make sure you play them in the right way to guarantee that the jackpot element of the slot is associated and in play.

Now, how do you spot a progressive jackpot slot that may be about to award its jackpot? This is by no way an exact science, but one way in which you may be more likely to win a jackpot is by playing those slots on which the jackpot has grown larger in size than the amount it usually pays out.

Many websites will keep track of all progressive jackpot slots and will list all of the historic jackpots paid out on those slots, and as such simply find the slot you want to play, look up the average jackpot size won on that slot and only give it some serious play time when the progressive jackpot is higher than its average amount won!



Whilst a lot of slot players can become obsessed when paying slot machines, especially with those that offer a huge ever rising jackpot, you need to always keep a very level head and never become convinced that you are going to win any slot games progressive jackpot is a slot does of course have one on offer.

We have seen over the years, lot of slot players who will play progressive slots at every available moment when they are convinced that the jackpot is going to be won and awarded, only for those players, after spending a large amount of cash, to see another player spin in the jackpot paying combinations and win that jackpot.

Always look at slot playing as a bit of fun and entertainment, and if you wish to put any of the above slot playing strategies into play then all well and good, but always remember that each slot game has a payout percentage and which you can often find yourself on the right side of that RTP, there will be many times when playing slots online or in a land based venue that you end you using up and losing your entire gaming budget!

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