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Common Online Slot Player Game Play Errors

ruby-reels-slotWe are aware that many of you reading this slot playing guide will have at one point in time or another, been playing a slot game without all of the pay lines offered on that slot in play and activated and would have seen either a large paying combination or a set of bonus game awarding symbols spinning in on an un-activated payline.

This is always going to be a very real possibility if you do not play slot games with every single payline offered activated. This is a very common slot playing error that many players will at one time or another make, and in this article we are going to take a look at a few other slot playing errors that may end up with a large potential jackpot payout not coming your way!


Maximum Bet Slot Spin Errors

When you are playing progressive slot games very careful attention needs to be placed in regards to just how much you are going to need to wager on each spin of the reels you play off, for there is usually some very specific game play rules attached to progressive slot machines that will require you to play them in a certain way to have any chance of winning the jackpot attached to the slot you are playing!

Take for example classic slot games which have a progressive jackpot attached to them, and one prime example of such as slot is the Cash Splash Slot. This game gives all players three choices in regards to how they can play off each spin of its three reels.

The coin values on this game are set at 1.00 and players can play one, two or three of those coins in play on the single payline each and every time they click on the spin button. However, you will be making a potentially very costly mistake if you choose to play just one or two coins per spin, for if you do and you spin in the three jackpot logo symbols on the single payline you will 800 coins for a 1.00 spin and 1600 coins for a 2.00 spin.

However, if you had put into play 3.00 spins then instead of these fixed coin jackpot payouts you would have received the progressive jackpot as displayed on the jackpot meter, and as such the only way to play this slot is by playing it using 3.00 spins!


Nudge Feature Playing Errors

There is a category of slot game that encompasses the gaming machines most commonly found in UK land based licensed premises, these are Fruit Machines, and over the years we have seen lots of them becoming available online at various different online casinos.

When you are playing these types of games you can be awarded with a set of nudges at random, and when awarded you click on the buttons underneath each reel and each click you make will make the corresponding reel move downwards one position at a time.

The aim of nudges is to simply allow you to try and nudge in a winning combination by using up any or all of your awarded nudges. However, one very often made game playing errors lots of players make when playing these types of slots is to accidently nudge in a much lower valued winning combination than the one they were aiming to nudge in!

So when playing these types of online slot games, always make sure to pay careful attention to what symbols are on each reel and which symbols you will be nudging onto the payline, for it is way too easy to nudge in the wrong ones when you are not paying full attention or get distracted!


Max Bet Button

One final slot playing error that we bet many of you out there will have experienced before is accidentally clicking on the maximum bet button instead of clicking on the spin button, this can often be a very costly mistake more so when you are playing for very low stakes.

As soon as you click on the max bet button the maximum number of coins will be set into play on all of the available paylines of that slot game. This button when clicked accidentally can decimate a modest bankroll so always know where that button is an away steer well clear of it when playing slots online.

There are some slots that can be played for 500, 750 or even 1000 coins per spin an if you are only playing let’s say 25 coins per spin and click on the maximum bet button you could end up putting into play a stake amount of 40 times your intended amount, and that will be devastating more so if that spin does not result in a winning combination forming!



It doesn’t matter what type of slot game you choose to play there will always be a pay table attached to that slot game and often a set of help files can also be accessed by clicking in the respective button on the slot games screen.

It is important that before you start to play any slot, whether a classic single line slot, a progressive slot or even an all action, bonus game packed slot game that you fully understand how the game has been structured.

For when playing any slot online if you make any type of slot playing error it is you who has to pay the price of paying for that mistake whether by missing out on a large winning payout or having to wager a large amount of cash by accidently clicking on the max bet button! So always do understand fully how any slot game works before playing it to negate the possibility of you making any type of slot game playing errors!

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