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Do Bingo Site Slot Games Payout More?

Slot machines are available at many different gambling sites online for you will not only find them available at online casinos but you will find them available as side games at poker sites and also at online bingo sites too.

One question we often get asked by avid slot players is whether the slot machines that are available at sites such as bingo sites are going to be paying out more or less over the long term than those slot machines available at online casino sites.

Well, the answer to that question depends on just which slot machines you do decide to play for every single slot machine is going to be designed in such a way that over the long term they will achieve a certain payout percentage.

Therefore as a player logged into an online bingo site you should make a point of finding out what the payout percentages are on every single slot game on offer in that bingo site and then only ever play the slots offering the higher long term expected payout percentages as that way you will win more of your stakes back over the long term!


What Slot Games Can I Play at a Bingo Site

There will be no limits in regards to the types and categories of casino games that out are going to be able to play and have access to when logged into any bingo site, however it will always be dependent on the gaming platform a bingo site is utilizing in regards to just how wide and varied their range of slot machines will be.

You will find there are plenty of three reel and classic slot machines on offer at most bingo sites so if you do enjoy playing very basic playing and paying slot machines then those will certainly be the ones worth tracking down and playing for sure!

However, we do know slot players do tend to look out for the more adventurous and better designed slot machines and as such if you are looking for lot of fun and excitement when playing slot machines at an online bingo site then make sure you give the video slots or fruit machines some play time.

If on the other hand you want to have the chance of winning a life changing progressive jackpot win then it will of course be the progressive slot machines you should be playing at any online bingo site!


Can I Get Bonuses to Play Slots at Bingo Sites

There will be just as many different slot machines related bonus offers and promotional deals available to you when you are playing at an online or mobile bingo site as will be on offer to you at any online or mobile casino site so never think you will not be showered with lots of extras when playing bingo online!

Whilst obviously most bingo sites tend to award bonuses that their players can only use on bingo game you will find that as the slot game menu grows and grows at most bingo sites the operators of those sites will be eager to get their players playing those slot games and will be offering them bonuses to do so.

You will find it is the more commonly available deposit match type of bonuses you can claim to play slot machines at most bingo sites however quite a number of the ones we have seen available also offer free slot spins promotions on which players are allocated free spins and can then keep any winnings they make when playing off those free spins.

However, when it comes to you getting access to some of the most generous and most valuable slot machine bonus offers you really should be playing at our featured online casino sites so please do make sure you check some of them out for their slot game bonuses will be huge in value!



One final thing you should always be aware of if you do enjoy playing slot machines and wish to play them online is that you are going to find the promotional offers and slot related bonuses are going to be much more free flowing at an online casino sites than are on offer at an online bingo site.

As such do consider opening up several casino accounts at the casino site you see listed on our website for not only do each of them offer their new player some very high valued and very generous sign up bonuses that you can use on their slot machines but they will also offer you plenty of ongoing bonuses too.

The more casino accounts you open up the more daily, weekly and monthly bonuses offers you will be sent out and that will enable you to get lots of additional playing value when claiming the best bonuses on an ongoing basis!

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