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Do Mobile Slots Have a Disconnect Protection?

king-cash-a-lot-slotOne aspect to playing slot game via a mobile device as opposed to playing on a computer that may have crossed your mind is what happens if you for one reason or another lose your mobile internet connection or your battery goes flat as you are half way through playing a slot game.

Well that is of course something that could happen to anyone logged into any mobile casino site, and all of our feature mobile casinos have something known as a disconnect protection system in place, that will kick in whenever you are playing any of their slot games and for whatever reason you are disconnected from that slot game.

The disconnect protection is designed in such a way that the slot you was playing last when you was disconnected from playing it will remember exactly where you were up to in the cycle of that slot. So if you were half way through a spin when disconnected then the outcome of that spin will be displayed on the slot game screen when you next launch that slot, having reconnected to the mobile casino site.

If you were playing a slot and had triggered the bonus game at the point in time you were disconnected then that bonus game will be stored in the memory of that slot, so when you reconnect and launch it you will then be able to play off that bonus game.


Playing Slots via an App

By you downloading a casinos app onto your mobile phone or your tablet device then any time you wish to play a range of different slot games all you need to do is to tap onto the app icon on your mobile device and you will be able to play those games instantly from wherever you are.

One thing worth knowing about some online casinos is that they have chosen to design and make available an app that is going to give you access to a very large number of slots games but slot games from many different suppliers.

So unlike when playing at some online casinos, by downloading an app you will not be restricted to playing the game types of slot games from just one slot game designer.

The apps download very quickly not any mobile device and you will of course always shave the option of playing the slot game available on those apps either for free or for real money. Just make sure that if you do sign up to any mobile casino and choose to access their range of slot games via their app you consider making use of any sign up welcome bonuses available from those sites.

You are going to find the mobile casino app bonuses that you can make full use of are just as high valued and as generous as the bonuses on offer at online casino sites are, plus comp clubs will also be found at each of our featured mobile casino sites.


Web Browser Compatible Mobile Slot Games

One way that you can choose to play mobile slot games is via the web browser on a tablet device or even on a smart phone, however just be aware that by playing in the web browser attached do your mobile device you will not be getting the very best playing experience that you would be getting if you played via a downloadable casino app.

You will not find it very difficult to access the mobile web browser  compatible slot and casino games at any mobile casinos site for you will be able to simply visit the website of those casinos and then select the slot you wish it play and then play them for free or for real money.

In fact the web browser mobile slots are much like the instant play slot games that you can play via a computer online and the slots all launch and load into the web browser.

However, if you do get the chance of playing slots in this way do try and also play via a casino app as you can compare both of the playing environments and then will be able to make an informed decisions on just which one is going to be preferable to you over the long term, plus bonuses are also available when you play slot games in this way if you were wondering!



If you do wish to play mobile slot games then be aware we have been able to negotiate some very high valued bonuses at all of our feature online casino sites, so take a look around our website for details of what each mobile casino site has to offer you by way of their slot games and also for details of what bonuses are available to you at each of those casino sites.

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