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Do Slots have a Disconnect Protection?

robin-hood-slotOne question that you may have if you are playing mobile slot games especially, is what will happen if you lose your connection to the internet or the battery on your device goes flat at any time whilst you have a slot game playing off!

There can be no worse feeling than playing a slot game and possibly triggering a bonus feature or bonus game on that slot then for one reason or another you get disconnected from playing that slot game.

This is of course something that all online and mobile slot game designers are aware of and is something that could happen to any slot player at any time, and you will find that all slot games do have a built in disconnect protection.

Take the range of Microgaming slot games for example, when you get disconnected from playing any of their slot games the software will remember exactly where you were up to when you were disconnected and then all you need to do to restore your session is reconnect to the casino and launch the slot you were playing.

If you were playing off a base game spin and you got disconnected then the result of the spin will be displayed on the slot game screen when you log in again, and any winnings achieved from that base game spin will have been credited and added to your casino account balance.

However, if you got disconnected from a slot game and you had triggered a bonus game then the bonus game will be available to be played off from the point where you go disconnected when you log into the casino site again.

So for example if you were playing off a set of free spins and had been awarded with let’s say ten free spins but only played three of them off when you were disconnected, then by logging into the casino site and launching the slot you were playing 7 free spins will be waiting for you and you will need to click on the start free spins button to send those remaining free spins playing off again.

If you have a pick to win bonus game or bonus feature in play when you were disconnected then you will find by logging into the casino again and launching that slot your picks will still be displayed on the bonus game screen and you can then play off that bonus game there and then from the point you left it at!


Why Do I Get Disconnected from Real Time Gaming Slots?

One thing that may happen to you if you are playing Real Time Gaming slot games online or on a mobile phone but are playing then in a free play mode is that occasionally you may get disconnected from the casino even though you have still got an internet connection.

A message will often be displayed on the screen saying you have been disconnected by the administrator. This is something that can happen often quite a number of times at Real Time Gaming powered sites when playing their range of slot games for free and there is nothing sinister about it!

There are only so many free play connections that a Real Time Gaming slot server can handle and process and if there is a time when too many players are playing their range of slots for free then the server will kick off one or two players at random.

The way to get round this is to simply log not the casino site again and then launch their range of free play slots, ideally waiting for a short amount of time when the number of free slot players has reduced so you do not run the risk of being booted off the server a second time!



All of our featured online and mobile casino sites will also let players access their own game playing stakes and game play log files. If for example you are playing at a Microgaming powered online casino site you can click on the Play Check button at any time when you are logged into that casino and by doing so you can then review any slot playing session you had.

That will allow you to see what way the slot game reels had spun in on when you were disconnected, if of course you were disconnected.

Every single spin of the reels of every single slot game you played at Microgaming powered online casino sites are available to be reviewed in Microgaming powered casino sites thanks to the Play Check feature and you will also find information such as your starting balance before you played any single spin off the result of the spin and the result of any bonus games.

You will also find the balance of your casino account after you played off each individual spin, the stake you played that slot game for and other valuable interesting information that will allow you to review and audit all of your real money gaming action.

If for any reason you are disconnected when playing online or for that matter mobile slot games and you cannot log back into the casino or you cannot launch that slot you were playing then get in touch with the casinos customer support team who will be able to help and assist you.

If you were half way through playing off a slot game and got disconnected and were playing with bonus credits, it is important that you play off and finish that slot game spin as any bonus play through requirements will still be in play even if you use up all your bonus funds and make a fresh deposit, so make sure you always do play off any unfinished slot game spins!

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