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Honesty Of Online Casino – Myth Or Reality?

For the absolute majority of gamblers, who decided to try themselves in the online casino, the main problem is the question of honesty of the casino. The gamblers’ arising doubts fall into three main groups:
1.  How honest are games in the casino? Are cards and numbers on the roulette really dealt by chance, etc.?
2.  If I win, will the casino pay me (if I don’t win – will it return the deposit)?
3.  Is it safe if the casino has an access to my credit card number and personal information?

So let us look at each of the points in order.

Honesty of casino games

This question still remains the most vital important and, I’m afraid, it is not answered up to the present day. All the results of the games are generated on the server of the casino and then just sent and shown to the gambler. This way, the casino has a full opportunity to manipulate the results. The question is whether the casino actually does so and whether you can check the casino!

The first half of the question can be answered as follows: some (even, perhaps, many) casinos really “change” games in their favor, but, of course, there are also fair casino. “To separate the wheat from the chaff” is difficult, but possible, some audit companies and “public organizations “of gamblers can help us to do it.

The main criterion of the truth is the practice. So, the mathematical expectation of payments in European roulette is 97,3%, if after a large number of bets the result differs significantly from what gamblers expect, then there’s something wrong. However, the single gambler is unlikely to be able to make a statistically significant sample of several hundreds of thousands of games, and if you simply lose 10 bets or the black fell out 10 times – this is not a reason to shout about the dishonesty of the casino.

Here the audit companies come out on the scene. The most famous of them is PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers). Now all of the casinos of the largest producers of software, Microgaming, Bossmedia, as well as Casino on Net provide reports on the payments, certified by PWC. Audit scheme for this is as follows: PWC establishes its own server, parallel the gambling one, that fixes the results of all (!) games having been played. At the end of the month the results of the server of auditors are compared with the results of the casino, and if no discrepancies are found, the PWC signs the report, which reveals the percentage of payouts at the casino as a whole and on separate groups of games. The figures of payments are shown on the site of the casino, so you can evaluate the honesty of the casino and decide whether or not to play there.

Similar work is carried out by the site “True Gambler”. They collect the results of the games of different gamblers, picking up a statistically significant sample of about 1 million games, and compare actual results with theoretical. The result of an audit with the conclusions of the honesty of the software is placed on the site and widely discussed in the network.

Many casinos calculate and publish the payments for various games themselves, but you shouldn’t absolutely believe in such statements: if the casino is cheating in a game, nothing would prevent them from publishing the overestimated results.

Another important source of information about honesty casino is the opinion of the gambling community. If many gamblers are of the opinion that the casino is honest/dishonest, you can trust such an opinion. To find out other gamblers’ opinion is possible on different gambling forums.

Gamblers must remember that the casino can be honest in the one game, and dishonest in the other. For the casino, there is no great sense in “tightening up” slots or keno, for the casino’s advantage is large enough there. Usually the “adjustments” are made for such games as blackjack, video poker and roulette, as they are the most popular.

Summing up the above mentioned, I want to mention that the software from the “big four” (Real Time Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech, Vegas Technology) is believed to be honest (although there are excesses). Honest casinos with other software also exist, but to determine if the casino is fair or not, it is necessary to learn the opinion of other gamblers. Be especially careful if you’re a fan of roulette or blackjack, but the fans of slots or keno shouldn’t worry at all.

Payment of winnings

I occasionally get the following questions: “If I win $ 10,000, will the casino pay it to me?”. The answer is simple: if that is the large, well – known casino, certainly, it will pay not only 10, but 100, and more thousands – win as much you can. To the present date, the biggest payouts in the online casino accounted for more than 13.5 million dollars – for the win of the jackpot.

It is difficult and not profitable for the casino not to pay – negative opinion of gamblers will take much more money. Why is it difficult for the casino not to pay? The fact is that nearly all the major casinos don’t work themselves with the finances – it is done by the financial companies that are independent from the casino. Another protection for the gamblers is manufacturers of gambling software. They can withdraw the license from the offender casino (the license is very expensive), and some companies in addition even insure gamblers’ accounts.

Sometimes, however, there may be delays in payment (usually only a few days). In addition, if you get the prize by a cheque, it may disappear in its way. But by contacting customer support, this problem (like any other) can be solved.

Alas, no one is protected from the problems of the small-one-day-casino or in problem casinos, so the main advice remains the same – play in a casino with the well-known software, learn the opinion of the other gamblers of the casino. Personally I have got everything up to the last cent for a few years of playing online, although I have never won tens of thousands dollars.
Credit cards

The problem of security of payments made in the Internet is gradually losing its urgency. Financial data are encoded with a 128-bit key, a security system, of financial servers is being strengthened, so the reasons for being worried are becoming less.

But the advice to play with proven casinos here doesn’t lose its relevance. Big casinos (or rather, the financial companies that service them) use a much more serious system of protection of gamblers (up to storing data on servers that are not connected to the Internet). There is alsoa risk to come to the casino, which was specially opened in order to collect credit card numbers and money from gullible gambers and disappear.

Over the last few years I can’t remember any data leakage of credit cards from casinos, so you can be calm. The casino also does not give anyone your personal data, e-mail address and other information that you tell it. And the online casinos do not inform the tax authorities about gamblers’ winnings (at least, foreign casinos ;-).

Can the casinos remove from the cards a larger amount than you wanted to put on the account? In principle, they can, it did not happen to me personally, but it can happen in doubtful casinos. Check transactions, and if you find excessive write-off – immediately contact the casino. If this is a serious casino, the money will be quickly returned to you. Some banks block certain amount to the account of credit card that looks like a withdrawal, but in fact it is not a withdrawal. It is a problem of the bank, and not of the casino, but in any case, the amount will be unblocked some time later.


On the basis of my own experience and the experience of many other gamblers,I can say the following: if you play in a well-known casino with good software, you are guaranteed from the problems with the payment of winnings and cannot worry about your credit card. Concerns about the honesty of the game in this case are reduced to a minimum, but some suspicions still remain. Are there many such highly-qualified casinos? Enough!

Finally let’s discuss the honesty of the other side – the gamblers and the system of the protection of the casino from fraud. It is practically impossible to trick a serious casino. Fake credit card are easily calculated now, the game under a false name usually is determined too. If you see the announcement of “smart program that will help you to win in online casino a lot of money” – smile and move on. And financial information on the account of the gambler and the results of the games are stored in highly secured servers of the casino, which even the cool hackers cannot unlock. In the best case, this program will show(!) you, that you have a lot of money on your account, but, of course, no one will pay you the money and you can get into the “black list”.

So choose a good online casino, play fairly and win!

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