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How Can I get More Value from My Bankroll?

fortune-cookie-slotThere are many different things that you will be looking for and seeking out as a slot player, however the savviest slot players are always going to be on the lookout for a range of different ways that they are going to be able to get the maximum playing value from their respective bankroll.

With that in mind we have put together the following article that is going to be taking a look at many ways that you are going to be able to do just that, and as such everyone who does play slot machines online or even on a mobile device should read through this article for a range of ways they can make their slot playing bankroll stretch as far as is possible.

One way that you are always going to find, over time, that you do get some much longer slot playing session when playing or real money as opposed to playing slot games for free online is for you to actively track down and make a beeline to play the slots which boast the highest long term payout percentages.

So the very first thing that you should always do is to find out what the RTP’s are on offer on the slot games you have access to at any chosen casino site and play those offering payout percentages of over 96%.


Using Slot Game Bonus Optimally

Bonuses are always going to be there for the taking, much more so if you are a slot player, as the best valued and the highest valued bonus you will ever find on offer at any casino site are going to be the ones which can be used on the slot machine games.

However, bonuses can sometimes be designed in such a way that they can force you to have to play for a long period of time and as such they tend to offer you very little playing value, as the chance of you for example meeting and exceeding their play through requirements are minimal.

With that in mind if you do want to have the best chance of winning when utilizing any online or mobile casino site bonus offers then be on the lookout for the ones which have the very lowest of play through requirements attached to them, but the bonuses that also offer you the highest amount of bonus credits, which are usually the 100% or more deposit match bonuses for reference!


Earning Slot Based Comp Points

Playing slot machines for real money is going to allow you to obviously win for real too, however as all casino sites will be offering you a form of loyalty club you will find that you can also earn bonus credits as you play.

Keep in mind though that in an attempt to give their players the maximum player rewards may casino site shave their own loyalty club on offer, those clubs are commonly referred to as comp clubs and when signing up to a casino site you will automatically be enrolled into their comp club.

By playing any of the available slot games at the casino site you have chosen to play at when you wager collectively a certain amount in credits, you will then earn a set number of comp points, which slowly but surely accumulate in your comp club account.

When you have saved up enough point you will be given the option of turning them into bonus credits at a time that suits you, but each casino will have a different redemption level so it is worth comparing the comp clubs available as some give you more points based on your wagers!


Which Casinos Offer the Most Generous of Bonuses?

Bonuses are going to be a sure fire way that any slot player can get much more play time for their money, and as a slot player the bigger a bankroll they have the more winning opportunities you will also have, a you can play a much wider range of different slot games too.

With that in mind what we have made a concerted effort to do on this website is to put together a range of the very best casino sites and compile a full and very in-depth review of each of them.

So please take a look at each of our reviewed casino sites for by doing so you will find just what range of slot games each of those sites have on offer and you will also find just what exclusive bonuses we have been able to negotiate for you at each of those sites.

Plus, as each casino we list have plenty of banking options and each casino site will pay you out quickly when you win you will always find playing at those casino sites a pleasure and a hassle free experience too!

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