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How Can I Track My Online Slot Play?

hot-air-slotPlaying slot games online is, as you are probably more than aware, very easy to do, as every single online casino site you will come across is going to offer you a wide and growing range of different slot games. However, with it being so easy to play and access those games in a real money playing environment you do need to keep a close eye on just how much you spend when playing slots for real money online!

If you have ever wondered whether there are ways that you can track and monitor your own real money playing session online, then we are happy to let you know that many of the larger and well known slot game designers and suppliers of the gaming platforms those games work and operate on are going to allow you to audit your own gaming sessions.

One of the most advanced gaming platforms is the one available from Microgaming, and they have two different self auditing tools that you are going to be able to make use of when playing at any online casino sites using their gaming platforms or range of slot games.

With that in mind below we are going to give you a much deeper insight into those slot game auditing tools which are going to enable you to self audit and track your own gaming sessions, and as such at any time of your own choosing you can fully review each slot plying session you had at any casino offering their gaming platforms and their range of slot games.


Play Check Tool

Knowing exactly how well or how bad you have been doing over one or more gaming sessions is going to be very easy to do when you have chosen to play slot games at Microgaming software powered online casino sites.

For each of those casinos sites whether they are accessed via their mobile or online gaming platforms all come with a tool which is known as the Play Check tool. You will see displayed in the lobby of those casino sites a Play Check button and when you give that button a click you will then be able to instantly look up and view any one or more of your real money gaming session you played at those sites.

Once you launch the Play Check tool a list of every single slot or other casino game playing session you had at that casino site is displayed. Once you clock on one of those gaming session a wealth of information will then be made available to you.

If you were playing slot games in the session you have chosen to self audit then every single spin of the reels you played off will be displayed showing just how the reels spun in long with the result of any bonus games or bonus features.

You will find the starting balance of your casino account displayed before you spun the reels and also the time those reels were spun long with your closing balance at the end of that spin!


Cash Check Tool

If you ever lose track of how much you have deposited into any Microgaming powered online casino site then make use of the Cash Check tool. By clocking on the respective button when you have logged into such a site you will find that you can look up and double check every single deposit you made into that casino site.

Not only will the Cash Check tool show you the time of your deposit, the amount of that deposit and also the method you used to make that deposit, but if you have made a winning cash out form any Microgaming powered online casino site those withdrawals will also be listed on the Cash Check tool.

You should always keep a close eye on just how much you have deposited into any online casino site, and if you feel that you are spending too much money or may run the risk of doing then many casino sites will now permit you to set some spending limits.



Once you have self audited your slot playing session online or at a mobile casino site you are going to be able to work out how much was returned to your over each session by the payout percentage you achieved during those slot spinning sessions.

If at any time you find one for more of your slot playing session returned a very low payout percentage then you could use that information as  bartering tool to possible allow you to ask the casino at which you played that slot t for a free bonus!

Whilst not all casino sites will award you with some complimentary credits if you did experience a losing session which saw you getting a low payout percentage, some of them will so do be prepared to work out your individual session RTP’s and as for a small comp if you experience a very poor paying one online or at a mobile casino site!

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