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How Can I Win More Random Jackpots?

mega-moolah-5-reel-drive-slotWhen you choose to visit a land based casino and opt to play slot games and slot machines on which a randomly awarded progressive jackpot can be won, one aspect of choosing to play those slots which can cause you to become annoyed or agitated is when other players repeatedly trigger those jackpot payouts, and no matter how hard you try you simply cannot win one of them!

This can also be something that drives you to distraction when you choose to play at online casinos for there are now many different gaming platforms offering a different suite of slot games which boast large numbers of slots which award random jackpots.

There are a few little hints and playing tips that we can pass onto you which could, if everything falls into place, when you choose to play random jackpot awarding slots online, give you a slightly increased chance of winning one of those illusive jackpot payouts, so keep on reading for what we are about to enlighten you on may help you in your quest to finally win a progressive jackpot payout!


Allocating More Spins to Random Jackpot Slots

When you choose to play a random progressive jackpot awarding slot machine then each paid for spin on that slot games reels you send into motion will give you a chance of winning the jackpot or triggering the bonus game on which you could win one of several jackpots if the slot you are playing offers multiple progressive jackpots.

So one way that you could choose to play these types of slots is to set the reels into play automatically and for tiny stake amounts. Most random jackpot slots will give you the chance of winning their respective progressives jackpot payouts no matter how much you wager per spin and as such you could set the slot to play via the Auto Play settings and on stake levels as low as one cent or one penny per spin.

You are of course going to have thousands of spins when playing for 0.01 per spin on even the most modest slot playing bankroll, and by setting the slot to play automatically for low stakes then every single spin played off will give you an addition chance to win and walk off with the jackpot payout.

Another way to ensure you get the maximum number of spins per session is to see if the slot you are playing has a fast play option, and if so and you only have a limited amount of time to play that slot, simply turn on the fast play and that will allow you to get the maximum number of spins in the minimum amount of time!


Play When the Jackpot Reaches a Certain level

There is of course another way that you can increase your chances of finally being able to win a progressive jackpot and this is by only ever giving those slots some real money play time when the current jackpot displayed on the jackpot meter is above the usual amounts that is won on average by other players.

You will of course have to be prepared to study all of the previously won progressives jackpots amounts, find out when they were won and on what slots they were awarded, however once you do this you will then discover something known as a progressive slots random jackpot payout amount.

You then simply need to have a listing of those average jackpot amounts and check out all of the jackpots when you log into an online casino site, and should you find any slots on which the jackpots are higher than they usually are then those should be the slots you choose to play as their progressive jackpots may just be about to be won and awarded!

Just remember a slot game is random, and even if a slot games current progressive jackpot is higher than it has ever been before there are no guarantees that it is going to be won soon, however over time you tend to find many such slots do tend to award their respective jackpots at a similar average value amount.



There is no getting away from the simple fact that any online or for that matter land based slot game that has a progressive jackpot on offer is going to be a very exciting slot to play, even more so if the jackpot is awarded at random or via a bonus game which could trigger when you are playing such a slot.

However, we would always advise players who play such slots to always keep clam and keep a level head when they play them, for it can often become quite addictive to play such slots when you are chasing a progressive jackpot, and there is always the very real chance that after pumping in huge volumes of cash on such a slot you may never win the jackpot!

You will feel rather dismayed should you have spent a lot of money trying to win a progressive jackpot only for you to see another player winning that jackpot on which a small percentage of your stakes has been feeding, so always set yourself a sensible limit for playing any type of progressives slot game and if you do not win then it is simply not your turn to win one of the jackpots attached to any such slot game!

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