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How Fixed Odds Slot Machines Work

gold-factory-slotThere are going to be lots of different slot games that you are of course going to be able to access and play when you log onto your favourite casino sites. However, when you play at some casinos that tend to use just one suppliers range of casino games at their respective casino sites you will often come across games that are exclusive to those sites.

If for example you play at a Playtech powered casino site then one type of casino game you are going to come across in the slot games menu is a slot known as a Fixed Odds slot machine.

Those games are very unique in the way they have been designed and as such in this slot playing guide we are going to let you know how fixed odds slot machines and slot games work and operate and what you have t do to win when playing them, as they are structured in such a way that they do not payout the winning combinations listed on their respective pay tables in the same way as normal slot games do!

One final thing to note before we explain how fixed odds slot games work, play and payout is that the name of these types of slot games do chance in each Playtech powered casino site, and they are often named after the casino site you are playing them in!


Structure of a Fixed Odds Slot Game

When you choose to play one of the Playtech designed and supplied Fixed Odds slot games then you will find that they are multi stake slot machines on which there are three reels and just one single payline.

However, the way in which you play these types of slots is completely different from most other in fact all other three reel single pay lien slots. For what you will not be doing is first selecting a stake then sending their three reels spinning by clicking onto the spin button in the hope that a winning combinations spins in!

For Fixed Odds slot machines and slot games will always have one of the winning combinations that are listed don their pay table spinning in on every single spin you play off, but you have to initially launched the slot game from the slot game menu and then pick one or more of the pay table listed winning combinations to place a wager on.

You will be able to pick any of those pay table listed winning combinations as the one you think will be spun in or you can in fact place a wager on as many of them as you like, and once you have clicked on one of the pay table listed winning combinations you then have to enter the amount of ahs you wish to play on it.

If you choose to place a wager on more than one winning combination as listed on the pay table you are able to alter the amount of cash you wager on each of your selections, and once done you then click onto the spin button to send the reels spinning.

As mentioned above when you do then send the reels spinning one of the winning combinations that are listed don’t he pay table will be spun in and if you have chosen to place a bet on it then you will be awarded with the winning payout associated with that winning combination!



You are bound to get plenty of fun and winning opportunities no matter which Playtech online or mobile slot machine that you choose to play, however at their range of Fixed Odds slot machines and slot games do come with a very unique slot playing structure you may be best off giving them a little bit of play time via the free play versions of the slots.

By playing then at no risk you can play around with the staking options and place a range of different best and agers on the pay table listed winning combinations and then see for yourself whether it is the type of slot you may enjoy playing whenever you want to for real money.

Also another thing to keep in mind is that as you are able to claim bonuses from every single one of our featured Playtech software powered online casinos sites you could use those bonus credits if you have claimed one of their bonuses on the fixed Odds slot machines.

You will also be earning comp points in much the same way and at the same rate when playing Playtech’s Fixed Odds slot games as you will earn them when playing at of their other real money slots available at any casino using their gaming platforms and their range of games so slot of bonus credits will be also coming your way via those comp points too!

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