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How Many Slots Should I Play Per Session?

happy-new-year-slotHaving access to thousands of different slot games online is of course going to see you having plenty of different types and categories of games to play, and when you first log not any online casino site you are going to have to pick out just which slot games you play.

However, what we have noticed is that there are a huge number of very savvy slot players playing at online and in fact mobile casino sites and many of them put into place some form of strategy whenever they are having an online or mobile slot playing session.

With that in mind we have put together the following slot playing guide that will answer one question we do know a lot of slot players ask, and that is just how many slot games should they play on each session they have at their chosen casino site.

Whilst you may be the type of player who flits around from slot to slot and will randomly pick out just what lot games to play, there is a lot to be said about put ting into play a strict slot playing Strategy, of with some luck you could win big by doing so or at the very least limit your losses.


Choosing the Slots to Play

The first thing you do always need to be very aware of when playing at any casino site is that every single slot game on offer will have been designed to return a certain payout percentage over the long term.

Obviously over the short term the actual RTP you will experience will fluctuate, however over your long term play on any one single slot you will find that you do tend to get close to the RTP the slot has been designed to payout.

As such the one thing you should be doing when picking out just which slot games you should play is to select the slots which have been designed with the very highest possible payout percentages, for by doing so you have a much greater chance of winning or at the very least getting more of your stakes paid back out to you when playing the higher RTP slots.

The way in which you can find out just how high any slot games RTP is has been made much easier recently, for many casino sites now list on their respective websites every single slot game they have on offer and will also list the long term expected RTP’s of those slot games too!


Selecting Your Unit Stakes

One final thing to keep in mind in regards to knowing just how many slot game you can play on any one single slot playing session is that the gambling and slot playing bankroll have available will often determine just how good a gaming session you will have.

Keep in mind that most video slot games are going to trigger their respective slot game bonus games on average around the 150 base game spins mark, and as such you should split up your bankroll in such a way that you have enough cash available to play off at least that many base game spins.

By doing so you have a much greater chance of triggering what may end up being a high paying bonus game when you play off that many spins as opposed to a smaller number of spins.

So your bankroll will always determine just how many slots you can play based on your playing each spin for a stake levels that will enable you to play 150 spins per slot per session!



An additional way that you can actually get to play many more slot games per session based on the above slot playing strategy is by you making use of and claiming as many of the casino bonus offers that all of our rated and licensed mobile and online casinos sites are giving you access too.

If you do enjoy playing slot games then be on the lookout for either welcome sign up bonuses or ongoing promotional offers that are designed a deposit match bonuses. For those bonuses do tend to give you the best value much more so when they are designed as at least 100% deposit match bonuses.

However, as is always the case when you are looking around and comparing the slot related deposit match bonus offered to you by various different casino sites you should always look through the terms and conditions of each bonus to ensure they are giving you a fair chance of winning.

Stick to claiming deposit match bonuses which come with no maximum payout limits, no slot game restrictions and only ever claim and make use of a slot game deposit match bonus if it has a reasonable play through requirement!

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