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How Not to Play 3 Reel Slots

chiefs-magic-slotYou will find lots of slot playing tips dotted around our website and it will always be worth taking a look at those guides and articles if you are looking to improve your play, and also find the very best online casino sites at which to play the more classical types of slot games.

However, in this guide we are going to be taking a look at how not to play 3 reel slots! Whilst you can always win big thanks to the random nature of any slot machine you discover online, it is worth noting that if you continually make staking mistakes, and also opt to play the wrong slots then you could find your slot playing bankroll vanishing quite quickly!

So please have a look through all of the sections below if you do enjoy or wish to start playing 3 reel slots online, for it they will certainly give you something to think about when you do decide to spin those very easy to play and often very high paying three reel slots online for real money!

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Staking Errors

The one biggest mistake that a lot of slot players can and often will make when they are playing three reel slot online is in regards to the stakes at which they play those games for. The thing to remember about 3 reel slots is that their playing structures are such that there is a way of getting a much higher valued jackpot when playing them online.

Take for example the single lien three reel slots, the vast majority of those slot games will allow you to play two or three or often up to give coins on the single payline on every single spin you play off.

When you are given the ability of increasing the coins you wager per spin then always double check the pay table attached to the slot you are playing and if you discover the maximum bet spin jackpot payout is much higher in proportion to the jackpot payouts on the lower number of coin options then the only way you should play that slot is by playing for maximum coins on its one single payline!

Also for those three reel slots on which you will find more than one payline, you will often find that the higher numbered paylines will often have a much higher valued jackpot payout than the lower number pay lines.

With that in mind once again take a look at the pay table and if the jackpots are higher in value and enhanced on the highest numbered payline then always make sure you put into play every single payline attached to that slot game!


Bonus Games

On a select few 3 reel slot games you ill often find that there can be some form of bonus game that can be triggered as you are playing off the base game spins, however whilst the bonus games may be very basic when compared to the bonus games found on video slots they are of course still worth triggering as some large winning payouts can be achieved when you do trigger them!

The way in which a very high proportion of three reel slots will award their respect bonus games is via a spun in bonus symbol. However, that symbol will only ever trigger the bonus games when you are playing maximum bet spins.

You are also likely to find these types of bonus game awarding 3 reel slots have a fixed coin value as part of their playing structure, and as such you should first find a slot game that you can afford to play for a fair amount of time and then always ensure you are playing maximum coin spins to have the chance of triggering the bonus game attached to the slot you are playing!



As with any type of slot game that you may never have got stuck into playing before online, if you do fancy playing three reel slots games then the best way to play them to get used to the unique playing structures is to play them via a free play environment before playing hem for real money.

As all of the casino sites listed on our website will allow you to play three reel slots at no charge what so ever and with no obligation to play them for real money then why not sign up to one of them right now and give their three reel slots a whirl at no risk, as by doing so you will be able to judge for yourself which are the ones that you enjoy playing the most!

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