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How the Evolution Feature Works

evolution-slot-featureYou can find your head starts to spin when you start playing video slot games online, for nowadays you are going to come across some of the most technically advanced slot games available when you sign up to any online casino site!

However, what we have done to make your life somewhat easier is to put together a range of slot playing guides which you are invited to make use of throughout this website, and by doing so you are going to find out how every single online slot works and operates, as well as getting lots of valuable slot playing tips too.

This slot playing guide takes a look at one of the most unusual slot game playing features and structures, and that is a feature known as a the Evolution Feature, it is attached to just one slot game and below you will find a complete overview of how that feature works and operates and just which slot game you will find it attached to.

It can be a feature that when triggered is going to offer you some huge winning payout when everything falls into play on the slot you are playing which has that feature attached to it, so do pay attention to what we are going to tell you!


Evolution Slot Feature

The Evolution slot game feature is going to come into play when you have triggered the free spins bonus game on any slot which has this feature attached to it, you will find which slot has that bonus feature by reading the following section by the way!

What will happen when you have triggered the free spins bonus round is that as soon as you have spun in the very lowest valued reel symbols displayed on the slot games pay table in any winning combination, those symbols will then be removed from the reels.

The reel symbols which have been spun in which are the lowest valued ones will be replaced with the next highest paying reel symbols as listed on the pay table of the slot, and whenever those reel symbols which are now the lowest paying ones have formed any type of winning combination those symbols are then also removed from the reels and replaced with the next highest paying ones.

As such there may come a time when you are playing off you remaining free spins that the only reel symbols left in play on the reels are the highest paying ones, which is why this feature is an exciting and potentially very high paying one too!


Which Slot Has the Evolution Feature?

The aptly named Evolution slot is the only slot game we have so far discovered online on which you are going to find the Evolution feature, and as such if you wish to play a slot which has the bonus game feature on offer on it then that slot game is the one you will need to track down and play online!

What makes that slot quite an exciting slot game to play is that it is one of the many different 25 payline slots and as such when playing it online you will have a lot of paylines in play, those paylines are fixed by the way so you have to have them all in play on each base game spin you play off.

However, that doe ensure whenever the free spins bonus game has been trigger and has been awarded to you then you will have the absolute maximum ways of benefitting from the Evolution feature so make sure you do give this slot game some play time soon!



There are going to be lots of different slot games available to you at various different casino sites however, those which we have found to be the most fun to play slots which do tend to come with the most unique bonus games and bonus features are the slots which are found offered at instant play NetEnt Casino sites.

So please do have a good look through each of our casino reviews and then take a look at the type and range of slot games available at each of those casinos sites, for you are going to come across a huge number of slots offering you bonus games and bonus features that you will never have seen or come across before.

Please always remember that we have hundreds of different slot game playing guides available on our website, and each of them will give you a complete overview of how every single slot game bonus games and bonus features work and operate.

So in no time at all after reading through those slot game playing guides you will soon understand how every type of bonus game and bonus feature work and operates on a large range of different slot games!

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