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How to Become a Successful Bonus Hunter

There is a term that is unique to the online slot and casino game playing environment that you may occasionally come across, and that term is “Bonus Hunter”. What it refers to are a large number of casino game players who are always on the lookout for the best valued casino bonus offers that will give them something of a much improved chance of winning rather than losing!

Those Bonus Hunters will actively seek out casinos that may have designed their bonus offers and promotional deals in such a way that they have given a player a better chance of winning due to some poorly worded or designed terms and conditions attached to their bonuses.

Whilst there is of course nothing wrong in tracking down the very best casino bonus offers to make use of, if you have often found the ones that you have claimed in the past have always tied up your bankroll in unfair terms and conditions then please read on!

Below we are going to be giving you a few pointers in regards to what you should be looking for from any casino bonus offers respective terms and conditions that makes those bonuses worth claiming.


No Deposit Bonus Hunting

You will find no shortages of what are known as no deposit bonuses available to you online, however you need always need to ensure that when claiming those no risk bonuses that you follow any rules and all of the terms and conditions if you ever want to cash out the winnings achieved from such bonuses.

Be aware however that many online casinos are part of a group of casinos and will possibly have rules in place that mean you can only claim one no deposit bonus at one of their casinos and not every casino in their group, should of course those other casinos have no deposit bonuses on offer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you are only allowed to claim one new play sign up bonus, many players who realise they can get free credits via a no deposit bonus will try and sign up multiple times at a casino site to claim lots of no deposit bonuses!

However, all casinos are fully aware of that fact and have checks in place to ensure they will spot playing trying to take advantage of their no deposit bonuses and will never pay out any winnings you achieve if you have claimed more than one such bonus!


Hunting for Deposit Match Bonuses

You are going to be much better off taking advantage of a type of bonus known as a deposit match bonus, for casinos are much more generous to players who are prepared to make a deposit and put their own money at risk than they are with players claiming no deposit required bonus offers.

Many casinos offer one or more deposit match type bonuses to new players at their sites, however some casinos will also offer lots of daily deposit type bonuses to their loyal players. The casinos that do tend to offer daily deposit match bonuses are those that use the Real Time Gaming software platforms.

The only thing we would advise you in regards to claiming any number of deposit match bonuses is that you always ensure you read through the terms and conditions of those bonuses and fully following any special playing rules that they have chosen to put into place when you are playing off your bonus credits.

However, these types of bonuses are always going to massively boost the value of your bankroll and as such are the best types of bonuses you can claim online!



There are going to be pros and cons of you accepting any casinos bonus offers and there are a growing number of players who have decided it is not worth claiming bonuses whenever they make a deposit into their chosen casino sites.

The benefits of not claiming such bonuses are that you are going to be able to deposit when you like and you are not going to have any play through requirements attached to your gaming sessions which is something you will find when you have claimed a casino bonus.

There will also be no limits posed on you in regards to how much you can win when you are using your own funds to gamble with as opposed to using bonus credits and much more importantly you are going to be free to cash out your winnings at a time of your own choosing when you do play with your own funds.

So with all of the above always way p for yourself the pros and cons of playing casino games online with our without a bonus, but that decision will of course always be yours to make!

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