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How to Play All Pays Slots?

alaskan-fishing-slotThere was a time and not too long ago that to play a slot machine in a land based casino or one of the many different online slot games you simply had to click on the spin button to discover when the reels stopped spinning whether you had won or not!

However, as online slots have got more and more advanced you will now find that many of them have different playing structures and formats and as such we have plenty of different slot playing guides then will enlighten you on how you can play every single type of online slot machine that has taken your fancy and has caught your attention!

One type of slot game which is beginning to appear more and more when slot game designers release their very latest slot games are slots which boats something known as an All Pays playing structure.

If you have come across those types of slot game before and are wondering how you play them and what makes them so different from all other slots, then please read on for all is going to be revealed in this guide as to how to play All Pays slot games online!


How are All Pays slots Structured

When you play an All Pays slot game the number of reels on that slot and the number of reel symbols you can see on each reel will ultimately determine just how many ways you will have of forming a winning combination.

You simply have to multiply the number of in view reel symbols on the first reel then on the next reel and the next and so on and the final answer you get is the number of pay lines you will have in play. So for example a slot offering 5 reels and 3 visible reel symbols will have 243 ways on offer for you to form a winning combination when you spin its reels.

As long as you have at least the minimum required number of matching reel symbols on the first reel and the adjoining reels as listed on the pay table of that slot you will have those winning combinations covered by your ways to win.

One major benefit of playing All Pays slot is that you only have to place a small number of coins on each spin and not have to individually have a stake one each possible way of forming a winning combination so they are very cost effective slots to play offering you the maximum winning opportunities!


Play All Pays Slot Games for Free

If you want to sample out some of the most player friendly and most popular All Pays slot games then please take a look at our range of casino sites that offer the Real Time Gaming slot machines, for when you play at those sites you will have plenty of different slot games to pick and choose from.

As those slot games will offer different playing structures and will also let you adjust and alter the stake levels you are playing them for you will find you can play them for tiny stake amounts or play them for higher than average stake amounts, but with high jackpots and high RTP’s no matter at what stake you do play them for you will always shave the maximum winning opportunities and chances.

In fact you can always test out the All Pays structured slot games and any other slot games those sites have on offer for free and at no risk so make sure you give them a whirl as you are bound to have hours of fun and winning opportunities if you switch from the free play mode over to playing them for real money!



As you are always going to have the chance of forming multiple winning combinations when you do start playing All Pays slot games and will often find when the bonus games trigger on those slot you could win some huge amounts of cash then why don’t you now give some of them a try.

If you want to find a casino site that has lots of different types of slot games and more than enough All Pays slots to keep you entertained and amused then have a look over our top rated casinos as we have handpicked lots of different casinos sites to showcase to you and each of them will welcome you on board a s a new player with some high valued welcome bonuses too.

Plus, as you will always be able to sign up to a casino and register a new account in your home currency then you will be able to play slots such as the All Pays slots in your own currency which will mean you are not going to have to pay any currency exchange rate fees when you initially make a deposit and then make a withdrawal from your casino account!

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