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How to Speed Up Your Winning Slot Game Cash Outs

american-rouletteGetting paid your winnings when you are playing in a land based casino is obviously quick and easy, however this cannot be said for when you choose to play at an online casino site for you often have to jump through a number of hoops before you get paid your winning cash outs.

If you play at any of our listed and rated Online Casinos then each of them will aim to pay you in the fastest possible time frames and as such those casino and slot sites should be the ones you are looking to play at.

However, we do have a few tips that we can pass onto you so as to ensure that you are never going to get any extended delays when making a winning cash out, and these tips are all listed below, so do familiarize yourself with each of them as you never know when Lady Luck will smile on you and those huge winning slot payouts could be just one spin away!


Getting Your Casino Account Pre Verified

When you first sign up to an online casino site you will be able to make deposits instantly, however when it comes to cashing out any winnings for the first time then all online casinos will require you to furnish them with some forms of identification documents to allow those sites to be confident you are who you say you are and you are old enough to gamble online.

One tip for ensuring you are never going to be subjected to any long delays when requesting a first withdrawal from any new casino site you have recently signed up to is to send that casino in your identification documents at the same time as you register your account, as by doing so they will be able to quickly verify your account and you will then not be forced to wait further down the line for your cash outs by the casino asking you at a later date to send in those documents.


Ask for Withdrawals to Be Flushed

Many online casino sites will have something known as a pending period, and this is a certain amount of time, which can be several days, where your withdrawals will sit in your account until the casino removes them from your account, processes them and sends those winning back to you.

When a withdrawal sits in your casino account in a pending state you can reverse the withdrawal and get it added back into your account and as such by doing so you can continue gambling with those funds, however by doing so you run the risk of losing all of your winnings back!

Many casinos will offer something known as a Flushing service, this will see you being able to have your withdrawal flushed thorough their system and it gets removed from a reversible state and have it sent into the queue for processing, we would always advise you to ask the casino support staff to flush all of your withdrawals when this service is offered as by doing so they get instantly removed from temptations way and you will never then run the risk of losing your winnings back to the casino by reversing them back into your casino account!


Choosing Your Withdrawal Method

One final thing to always keep in mind when you are playing real money casino games online is that you will have lots of different deposit and withdrawal options at your disposal. Your should of course always opt for a banking option that will enable you to both make deposits and cash out to and from any slot site or online casino site that is cost effective to you.

However, when it comes to you being guaranteed of getting your winnings paid back to you in the fastest possible time frames, then you need to ensure the option you have chosen for a withdrawal is a fast one, and as such always make sure you have lots of withdrawal options that you can use at any casino site you choose to play at.

You will often find that when you request a winning payout back to a web wallet as soon as the casinos processes those winnings they reflect in your web wallet instantly and as such you then have instant access to those funds. But if you choose to get paid by check/cheque or by a bank wire or get winnings processed back to a debit or credit card you can often have to wait several days for those funds to reach you once they have been processed by the casinos cashiers’ team.



We would ask you to carefully plan at just which online casinos you choose to play at for when you are looking for fast winning payouts there can often a huge difference in regards to the amount of time a casino will take to pay you out your winnings.

Things to keep in mind when you are looking for a slot site at which to play at is whether they allow you to withdraw your winnings back to your bank account linked to any debit card you used to make a deposit, as often those payments are very quickly credited back to your bank account depending on where you play.

Also be aware that if you live in some countries of the world such as the US there may only be  a limited number of withdrawal options available to you, so try and stick to playing only at US friendly online casinos as those sites tend to have the most banking options available for US based players.

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