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How to Spot a Slot about to Payout

my-slotOne question that we are convinced many slot players whether online or mobile real money slot players would love to know the answers to is if there are any ways you can tell when a slot machine or slot game is about to pay out!

Well as you are probably already more than aware of all online or mobile slot games are designed as random slots so in essence there is now way of knowing in advance if a slot is more likely to pay out at a certain time or not.

However, one type of slot machine which does have something of a slightly predictable payout pattern are progressive slot games, more so those slot games which have a jackpot that is guaranteed to be won when it reaches a certain value.

If you do come across a slot game offering such a progressive jackpot that is guaranteed to be won when it reaches a certain value, and then only choose to play those slot games when the jackpot is fast approaching its guarantee payout level, as you will have more chance of winning those jackpots when you do!


Which Casinos have the Most Slots?

There are going to be lots of slot games available to you no matter which of the casino sites whether online or mobile casinos sites that we have listed and reviewed on this website, and as such we are more than confident finding the exact type of casino game you wish to play will be very easy to do.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that the type of game you can play will off you a different type of slot risk which is known as slot variance and as such you should only every play low risk slots or high risk slot depending on how you like playing games and the element of risk you want in play on your individual slot playing sessions.

Another thing to keep in mind which is quiet important is that many casino sites who use just one suppliers range of casino games will have some unique slot son offer, and as such do make sure you are aware of which software powers any casino site as by finding out that information you will then be bal to find out what games and exclusive slot machines are available at easy casinos site!


Best Paying Online Slot Machines

There is going to be a very wide and varied range of slot game you can access and play online and if you like playing progressive slot machines then the jackpots that can be won on the online progressive jackpot awarding slots can be life changing and a such those slot games are much sought after by players looking or a life changing jackpot win!

You will however find that some of the older and more basic slot games on offer in many casino sites can also come with huge payout percentages and a such when you find and locate those slot machine game you will always have more of your stake seeing returned as winning payouts.

However, the largest and most popular category of slot games are the multi stake video slot games for when you play those game you can not only achieve some huge winning payouts from the base game of those slot games but when playing most video slot you could trigger one or more than one bonus games on which some mega sized winning payouts may just be awarded to you, so do look out for those types of high paying slots too!



The more online casino sites that you sign up to the most different types of slot game you will then find on offer to you, and if you are looking to play progressive slot games then the choice and variety of those types of slot game will of course be huge.

However, if you are looking or slot games on which you have a much higher chance of winning then simply opt to play at one of our top rated and licensed online casino sites that is going to give you access sot slot game on which the payout percentages have been set very high.

You are always going to find high paying slot games at casinos such as  those using the Playtech software gaming platform, and if you do choose to play at those casinos sites be on the lookout for their multi spin slot games for some of those game shave huge payout percentages set at over 99%!

However, when playing at casino sites using Microgaming, NetEnt or even Real Time Gaming software platforms you will also find more than enough slot game with high payout percentages, so have a look round and do give  as many slot games a try as you can do!

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