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New Slot Double Reel Symbols

flowers-slot-pay-tableYou have the choice of playing lots of different categories of slot games when you sign up to any mobile casino site or any of the many different online casino sites, and as such you are always guaranteed of being able to find slot games you find appealing, and with some luck in playing you could win very big when playing any slot online!

However, if you like playing some of the most exciting and entertaining slot games then you should consider playing the video slot games, for unlike the classical types of slots those games will be offering you some very unique base game features and also you can trigger a whole host of unique bonus games when playing those types of slot games too.

There are a small number of slot machines available to online player that come with some very strange looking reel symbols, and those symbols are known as double reel symbols, if you have not yet played such a slot with double reel symbols before then please read on for details of how those unusual reel symbols work and operate and just which slot games have them attached to their reels!


Double Reel Symbols

Playing a slot game on which you will find a set of Double Reel Symbols attached to the reels will call for a slightly different pay table to be attached to those slot games, for unlike the standard reel symbols and slot games you are not only going to be able to spin in five of a find winning payouts.

If you play a slot on which there are sets of Double Reel Symbols in play on all five reels then it will be possible for you to form winning combinations that can have as many as ten matching reel symbols spinning in onto any activated payline, and as such when you take a look at the pay tables of those slot game you will find there are indeed a set of payouts listed for up to ten matching symbols spinning in onto any one activated pay lines.

The best aspect of playing those types of slot games is that you have a much more diverse range of winning payouts that can and will eventually be spun in and awarded to you, and as such quite out of the blue you could form a very high paying winning payout on any of your activated paylines!


Which Slots Have Double Reel Symbols

We have had a good look through our entire database of different slot games and have found a couple of online slots which do boast a set of Double Reel Symbols that we think you are going to love playing online.

Those two slots are the Flowers slot game and its sister game that being the Christmas themed and festive styled Christmas Flowers slot. When playing either of those two slots you will find all of the Flower themed reel symbols and also the scatter symbols are double symbols.

The more of the scatter symbols you spin into view when playing of a base game spin on either of those two slots the more free spins you will then be awarded with, however you have to get at least four of them spinning into view before that free spins feature round will be awarded to you.

The best aspect of both of those two slot games is that they are both designed and structured as 30 payline slots and as such by activating every single one of those 30 paylines on offer on either of those two slot machines you will have plenty o chances of winning!



It is not only going to be slot games on which you will find double reel symbols that you will find readily on offer at casino sites that utilize the NetEnt gaming platforms, for that slot and casino game designer has designed over the years some of the most unique playing and paying slot games.

Therefore if you have not yet signed up to an online or even a mobile casino site, but you are now wishing to do just that, we can highly recommend any of our featured casinos that use the no download required, web browser compatible NetEnt gaming platform.

When you do make the wise move of signing up to one of those casinos sites not only will you find an enormous suite of different slot games offering you all manner of never seen before bonus games and bonus features, but you will be given the option of playing those slot games for free, so you can test them all out for yourself and see firsthand how they have been designed and how each of the many unique bonus features and bonus games play and pay!

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