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New Slot Game Walking Wilds

jack-and-the-beanstalk-slot-walking-wildsOver the years the wild symbols you will find attached to slot games such as video slot games have changed from all recognition, for originally when those wild symbols started to appear on any type of slot game they simply stood in for the majority of the other reel symbols on the reels.

However, when you start playing some of the more recently launched slot games you are going to find wild symbols that perform lots of different tasks in addition to them standing in for other reel symbols, and it can be very easy to get confused with the way those reel symbols work and operate.

It is with that in mind we have hundreds of different slot game playing guides located around our website and a very large number of them are dedicated to unique reel symbols.

This slot playing guide is going to be taking a look at one of the newer types of reel symbols that are being attached to some slot games, and those wild symbols are known as Walking Wild symbols, of which a description of them can be found below!


Walking Wilds

When you have located a slot game on which there are some of the unusual and very unique Walking Wild reel symbols in play you will then have a range of different staking options available to you, so first and foremost you must always ensure you have configured those slot games in such a way you can afford to play off a large number of base game spins!

The more base game spins you can afford to play off the more chances you will then have of spinning in the special set of Walking Wild reel symbols. When you spin in the Walking Wild reel symbols you will often find there are in fact two different types of those symbols which will perform an unusual task when they have been spun in.

One of those symbols will, when it has been spun in, walk onto the next reel to the right hand side of the one it has spun in on initially when you play off the next spin, and on each consecutive spin you play off it will then walk over to the next reel on the right of the one it was on, on the previous spin!

There will also be another Walking Wild symbols which move from right to left across the screen when you play off a consecutive spin. Those symbols will eventually walk off the screen when they have reached either the first reel or the fifth reel depending on which way they are working their way across the slot games screen!


Which Slots Have Walking Wilds

It is the Jack and the Beanstalk slot game on which you are going o find a set of two different Walking Wild reel symbols and therefore you are going o have to sign up to and play at any instant play casinos site that has he NetEnt range of slot games available.

That slot game really will give you plenty of fun and winning opportunities and thanks to its being one of NetEnt’s many 20 payline slot games you are always going to be able to play it and configure it for a stake option you can afford to play it for.

One thing worth knowing about that slot game is that is you get the two Walking Wild reel symbols walking into each other a set of free spins will be awarded to you instantly!



Walking Wild symbols really are going to make playing slot games exciting when you are playing a slot which has them on offer, for those symbols will often help you form lots of additional winning combinations.

However, one thing we would like you to be aware of if you are new to playing slot games, is that there are also dozens of other slot games on which you are going to find a huge and very varied range of different wild symbols in play.

With that in mind you should sit down to play as many slot games as you can, to discover which slots have what type of wild symbols on offer and to judge which slots you like playing the most. You are going to be able to play slots completely free of charge when you sign up to an instant play NetEnt software powered casino, and as such why don’t you select one of or top rated sites and register as a new player.

By doing so you can then spend as much time and you like or need testing out as many different slot games as you like, which will be the best way to decide which slots may be worth playing for real money at a later date!

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