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Newly Structured Slot Games worth Playing

untamed-giant-panda-slotOne aspect of playing online slot games is that you can often find yourself playing the same old slots each and every time you log into an online casino. Whilst that ensures that you are going to be accessing slots on which you are very familiar with their design and base and bonus game features, you should always be prepared to play a range of slots that you may never have played before.

By expanding the range of slot games you play you will find you often get a much more exciting and possibly much more entertaining type of slot playing gaming session, and as such today we are going to be introducing you to a range of slots that are completely unique, and these slots are well worth looking at and playing!

To ensure we are going to showcase to you slots that are readily available, we have chosen slot machines that can be accessed and play for free or for real money at several of our Top Rated Online Casinos, and it goes without saying that if you give them a little bit of play time for free you will soon discover whether they are going to be the type of slot you will then enjoy playing for real money.


Identical Matching Reel Symbols

Over at our NetEnt Casino sites you are going to find some of the most technically advanced slot games you can play online, however in the gaming suit of those No Download Required Casinos you are going to find a slot that goes by the name of the Twin Spin slot game.

When you first see this slot game you may think that it is no different from most other video slots, however it will soon become apparent to you when you click on the spin button and then watch the reels spinning and then stopping this slot game offers a completely unique playing structure.

For by sending the reels into play the slot will then randomly select from one to five of the reels to spin in with identical matching reel symbols located in the same position on each reel, and what you will be hoping to see happening is that you get as many of the reels spinning in with the same reel symbols in the same position, for by doing so you will then be guaranteed of being awarded the higher winning payouts!


Opting to Take a Unique Gamble Game Option

Slot players often will not bother taking the Optional Slot Game Gamble Game offered by a lot of online video slot games, for those bonus games tend to be rather boring! There are literally hundreds of slot games on which you will end up playing the exact type of gamble game when you choose to try and increase the value of a spun in winning combination.

However, if you give the Untamed Series of Slots a little play time at Microgaming powered online casino sites you are going to find those slot games do not offer the boring playing card based predicting gamble games instead they offer you the ability of choosing your own level of risk when you take the gamble option.

These slots feature a wheel spinning based gamble game option, and you are able to alter and adjust the size of the winning segment of that wheel yourself, so if you want a high risk and high reward gamble game to play off then set the wheel with the lowest sized winning segment, or if you want a very low risk type of slot gamble game then opt to make the winning segment as large as it will go!


Test Drive the Bonus Game Awarding 3 Reel Slots Online

You can often find it is some of the older and longer established online slot game that can give you the most fun and entertainment, and with that in mind never be put off playing the 3 reel slot games, which you may think a very tiresome and very boring slots to play, for the opposite is often the case and several of them can offer no only a fast paced base game playing structure, but you could also trigger a potentially high paying bonus game when playing them online.

One slot that we just know you are going to enjoy playing if you do fancy getting stuck into playing a more classic structured three reel slot game is the Wheel of Fortune Slot, this slot has one payline but if you play it with three coins in play then when a special Bonus Spin symbols lands on the payline of the third reel you then trigger its wheel spinning bonus game.

The beauty of that bonus game is that not only can you trigger it multiple times in fairly quick succession but when you send the bonus wheel spinning some fairly large bonus winning payouts can be spun in and then awarded to you!



If you do find yourself craving to play a few different online slot games any time in the future, then do remember here at the Money Slots website we have spent a lot of time and effort fully reviewing every single online slot game available.

You will find our slot game reviews come packed with information regarding the playing structure of each individual slot game reviewed and you will also find several screenshots of each slot machine which should allow you to make an informed decision as to whether those slots are worth playing or not!

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