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Nudging Scatter Symbols

untamed-bengal-tiger-slotYou really are going to have plenty of fun when you start playing any type of slot game online, in fact you can pick and choose just what type of slot games you wish to play online as there are fruit machines, three reel slots, video slots and even progressive jackpot awarding slot games on offer at all of our featured casino sites.

However, if you are demanding plenty of entertainment and excitement when you do start playing slot games online, then you are going to be best off playing slots which offer bonus games, as those bonus games when they have been awarded to you can often award some of the very highest valued winning payout possible as you are playing off a bonus game.

This slot playing guide is dedicated to a special type of reel symbol, and that symbol is a scatter symbol, but not just any type of scatter symbol for below you will find details of a nudging scatter symbol. If you have never come across such a reel symbol before then please read on for you are going to find the way those symbols work and operate very interesting indeed!


Understanding Scatter Symbols

There are usually two things that will happen when you have spun in a certain number of scatter symbols, one thing you will find is that a scatter pays winning payout will be awarded to you, based on just how many scatter symbols you have spun into view.

The scatter pays winning payout is also usually a multiple of the amount of cash that you wagered on the base game spin so the more scatter symbols that spin in the more you stand to win.

However some form of bonus game can also be triggered when you are playing slot games offering at least one set of scatter symbols on their reels, and as such you will be hoping to get the required number of scatter symbols spinning in when playing those types of slot games as not only do you get a winning payout for spinning them in the bonus game will also be triggered.

Scatter symbols are unique in as much as you do not need to get them spinning in onto any activated paylines for you to trigger their respective bonus games or winning payouts, they simply have t spin into view on the in view reel positions to award you with a cash payout.


Which Slots Have Nudging Scatter Symbols

If you fancy playing a slot with a very unusual bonus feature that being the Nudging Scatter symbols then you will have to sign up to any online casino using Microgaming software, and when you do so you will then need to track down and then get stuck into playing some of their Untamed Series of slots.

Those slots have that unique Nudging Scatter Symbols feature and how it works is that if you get two scatter symbols spinning into view which for reference is one symbol short of triggering the main bonus game on those slots, there is a chance of the third symbols making an appearance!

How that feature works is that if the scatter symbols that have spun into view blink then that can trigger a nudge feature on which one of the reels which hasn’t got a scatter symbols on it will nudge downwards until such a time that the third required scatter symbols is spun in.

You will then automatically trigger the main bonus game when that Nudge Scatter symbols kicks into play and nudges into view the third required scatter symbol!



If you do like the sound of playing slot games on which you will find Nudging Scatter symbols then be aware that it is not only at online casino sites that out are going to find such slot games available, for there are now a huge and ever growing number of mobile casino sites going live which offer a huge suite of slot games.

There are two main types of mobile casinos, the first type offer a fully downloadable casino app, and once you have downloaded that app you will then be given the option of playing the slot games on offer either via a free play option or you can of course get stuck into playing the slots available on that app via a real money playing environment, once you have made a deposit into your mobile casino account.

The other type of gaming platform you will come across if you want to play slot games on a mobile device is a mobile web browser compatible gaming platform, and the slot games available at such a casino site offering that type of gaming platform will all load and launch and can then be played in the web browser attached to your mobile device.

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