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Optimum Ways to Play a Slot Bonus

bomber-girls-slotThere is only one way that you are going to be able to utilize any online casinos slot game bonuses optimally and this will call for you to spend what may be quite a considerable amount of time working out the true value of the bonus and then selecting a slot to use that bonus on that will give you the maximum winning chances.

The thought of sitting their ploughing your way through a mathematical equation before you start to play any slot games online may seem like a daunting task, however as more and more casinos are giving away bonuses which can be beaten and bonuses on which you could end up winning some substantial amounts of cash then this may be something you are interested in learning more about.

If so then please do keep on reading for we will enlighten you on all there is to know in regards to locating and playing with a casinos slot game bonuses that will allow you to utilize those bonuses in the best way and always have the maximum chance of ending your bonus slot playing sessions in profit!


How to Locate a High Valued Slot Game Bonus Offer

The easiest way that you are going to be able to locate a slot game bonus from any of the many online casinos is by working out the value of that bonus, and discovering what the likelihood of you achieving the play through requirements that are attached to that bonus.

A play through requirement is simply the volume of your deposit and/or the volume of bonus you have to give any slot game until the bonus credits get turned into real money credits.

The payout percentage of the slot game you are playing will have an effect on your chances of reaching and then exceeding the play through requirements, and as such you should first locate a slot game that has a high payout percentage, you will find plenty of slots which come with high payout percentages and all of the leading software platforms such as NetEnt, Real Time Gaming and Microgaming will have slots which boast above average payout percentages.

Let us use one slot game as an example. The Couch Potato slot game from Microgaming, this game has been designed to return to players over the long term 97.43% of their stakes as prizes. That means that for every 100.00 you wager you are, on average, expected to lose 2.57. As such you can now use that information to determine whether a slot games bonus offered by a Microgaming casino is a high valued one or one that offers you little chance of clearing the play through requirements.

As you are going to lose when playing that slot on average 2.57 for every 100.00 wagered, then if the bonus you are thinking if making use of has a play through requirement of anything greater than 38 times the amount of the bonus only then you are likely to bust out before you reach those play through requirements.

If however the bonus you are thinking of taking has a play though requirement of 37 times or less then there is a good chance you will get to a point in your bonus playing session where you have reached the play through requirements and can then cash out your winnings.

The rule of thumb for taking any bonus is to find one that offers the very lowest play through requirement but one that also will give you a greater percent of your deposited amount as bonus credits, so coupled with a low pay through requirement, which you need to ensure is only attached to the bonus credits and not also your deposited amount, look for bonuses that will give you bonus worth over 100% of your deposited amount.

If you then play only the slots offering high payout percentages then you will, with some luck in playing, have many more winning sessions that losing one’s! One other thing to keep in mind is that you should not make use of any slot bonus that is going to limit how much you can win with that bonus by way of maximum cash out limits!



When you are tempted to take any casinos slot bonuses then if that bonus requires you to make a deposit to be able to claim that bonus, then great care should be taken to ensure you have a fair and very reasonable chance of ending that slot playing session with a bonus in profit.

There are many very poorly designed bonuses offers and making the mistake of choosing to utilize such a bonus could see you having no realistic chance what so ever of ever being able to win anything with that bonus and you will have locked up your deposit into a bonus that is never likely to see you cashing anything out!

Every bonus that has been made available to you will require you to spend some time reading through all of the terms and conditions and any additional bonus rules attached to the bonus before you can make an informed decision as to whether the bonus is worth claiming and utilizing after all.

Not many slot players are prepared to trawl through page after page of bonus terms and conditions, but if you do not do that you could end up losing any winnings you have made when playing with a casinos slot game bonus as you may accidentally and unknowingly fall foul of one of the bonus pay rules or one of the bonus play terms and conditions.

So always be prepared to take as long as is required to read through the terms and conditions so you will know how to play off your bonus and not fall foul of any rules attached to those bonuses.

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