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Pros and Cons of Playing Slots on Your Mobile

pub-fruityYou may have seen some of the newly launched Mobile Casino sites being promoted throughout this website, and if you have got yourself a new mobile or cell phone recently you may be tempted to play your favourite slots games via that device.

However, one aspect of doing so that may put you off playing slots on your mobile is that you are unsure if you are going to have the same type of gaming experience or may be wondering if there are any compromises that you are going to have to make and put up with when playing mobile slots.

With this in mind we have put together the following guide which is going to enlighten you on both the pros and cons of playing slot games on any type of mobile device, and by having a good look through it you will be then able to make your own mind up in regards to whether it is something you are willing to do.


Types of Mobile Slots Available

If you are wondering just what types of mobile slot games you are going to be able to access and play on your mobile device, then the first thing you need to be aware of is that it is going to be dependent on just what type of mobile device you own as to just how diverse the range of games will be available to you.

If you own a Blackberry or one of the much older models of mobile phones then the way in which you can access the suite of slot and casino games on those devices is by having to download one slot at a time onto that device. Sadly, the range of games available to Blackberry and older mobile phone users is not as large and impressive as those available to users of some of the more modern and up to date mobile devices.

If you have any mobile device using the Android operating system or any iPhone or iPad or in fact any type of tablet device or Smartphone then you are going to have by far and away the biggest range of mobile slot games at your instant disposal.

You will find there are in fact two different ways that you can access and play mobile slots on those devices the first being via the web browser attached to those devices or if you prefer you will be able to download a Casino App onto your device and access a huge and varied suite of slots via that App.

The types of mobile slots available include both classic and three reel slots, plus you will find more than enough Fruit Machines to keep even the most hardened fruity player happy and contented! You will also find high paying progressive slot games can now be accessed and play for real money as mobile slot game and he number and types of video slot games which can award lots of different bonus features and bonus games is massive.

You are also going to be able to access all mobile slot games with possibly the exception of the progressive mobile slots in a free to play environment. Many mobile casinos allow their customers to log onto their mobile gaming platforms as a guest player and as such by doing just that you can play any of those sites available mobile slot games for free and at no risk for as long as you wish to play them for.


Mobile Slot Bonuses and Slot Comps

One very important aspect of playing slot games online or via a mobile gaming platform is that many players look for and always demand some form of slot bonus from any casinos they choose to play at, and you may be wondering just how generous the mobile casino bonuses can be.

The amount of money offered via the bonuses available at all of our featured and reviewed mobile casino sites of which we have a handful of them listed throughout this website can be huge and as such do not ever think you are not going to be getting lots of additional playing value when you start to play slot games on any type of mobile device, as some of the bonuses you will have access to are very generous indeed.

You will be offered no deposit bonuses, high valued deposit match bonuses and lots of reload bonuses when playing at any of our showcased and licensed mobile casino sites, and when playing at any of them in a real money more you will additionally be earning comp points which you can turn into real money credits once you have accumulated and amassed enough of them in your loyalty and comp club account.



Whilst it is very true to say that at this current moment in time the mobile slot playing environment does not give players access to the very largest number of slot games, there are some mobile gaming platforms such as the ones offered by Real Time Gaming, Playtech, Microgaming and NetEnt that are making a very concerted effort to slowly but surely increase the number of slot games mobile users have access to via those respective gaming platforms.

Over time you are going o see some mobile casino sites and mobile slot playing gaming platforms offering more and more slot games, so over time you will fund that you get lots of additional slot game sot play at one single mobile casino sites, without you keep having to change casinos you are playing at when you want to play a different range slots on your mobile!

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