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Should I Avoid Playing High Variance Slots?

mega-moolah-isis-slotYou do have the maximum range, type and variety of slot games you can access and play online, and that means you are always going to be in the driving seat in regards to the slot games you do play online.

However, there are of course lots of different playing structures on offer on all online slot games, and there are some slots on offer at all casino sites that will be offering you a very high risk type of playing structure and format.

Those slot games are known as high variance slots, and when playing them you need to keep in mind that they have been designed in such a way that you have the chance of winning some huge amounts of cash from one single spin or one single bonus game or bonus feature you have triggered and then play off.

However, to compensate for those huge paying spins a high variance slot as they are known will reduce the number of low and mid valued winning payout you will achieve when playing them, and as such you may be wondering if the risks of playing high variance slots are too high and whether you should avoid playing them online! With that in mind read on for an overview of the pros and cons of playing high variance slots.


Benefits of Playing High Variance Slots

High variance slots are going to payout at various times so huge jackpots or you could spin in via a base game spin or the bonus game some mega amounts of cash. That is the one main attraction of those types of slot games.

However, they are certainly not going to be suitable for players who do not have any self control, for you can very easily get carried away when playing them thinking that a massive payout is just a few spins away!

If you do fancy playing slot games then try and play a mix of low, medium and high variance slots on every single slot playing session you have, as that way you will experience a good mix of different outcomes when playing them

Also, please do keep in mind it is always going to be luck and luck alone in regards to whether you will win big when playing any type of high variance slot game in any type of playing environment!


Best Way to Play High Variance Slot Games

Plying high variance slot games will call for a different playing strategy, and the very best strategy that you can adopt when playing them is to keep the stake levels low, in fact very low.

You will ideally be aiming to play off as many base game spins as you can to hopefully allow you to reach a point in any high variance slot playing session when you achieve some of the highest possible winning payouts.

Try to get at least 200 to 250 spins when playing a high variance slot from your bankroll, which will call for you to adjust possibly the pay lines that you have in play and also adjust the coin values and set them low.

The way in which all high variance slots have been designed is such that even when playing them for the very lowest staking option you could win big at any time, so always keep that in mind and if you do win big when playing any such slot never forget to cash out those winnings, as the next big win whilst it may be just around the corner can also be a long way off!



Never feel that you are forced to play any slot game you do not fancy playing online, and try and avoid playing at any online casino sites that only has a small number of slot games on offer.

For you to have a fully rounded slot playing experience we would suggest you sign up to any of the casino sites that we have listed and review throughout this website, as each of them will have hundreds upon hundreds of different slot games available.

You will also find that you can now play a huge and very varied range of slot games at any of our featured mobile casino sites too, and you will find low and medium and even high variance slot games at each of those featured casino sites too.

If you are not yet prepared to play high variance slots online for real money then how about giving those types of slot game some play time for free as you will never be risking any of your own money when going so but will be able to fully master and experience at firsthand how they all play and pay but in a completely no risk way!

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