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Should I Play Slots with Multiple Wild Symbols?

You may often feel like you need to take an exam to play some of the more modern and recently launched slot games online, for there are often a huge range of new features, bonus games and playing structures on offer on those slots which can take some getting used to!

It is often the case than newly launched and recently released slot machines will come with a whole host of unique reels symbols too, and one reel symbol that has always been changed and played around with by slot game designers is the once humble little wild symbol!

You will now find that most wild symbols do a whole host of additional things other than just stand in for other reel symbols, and as such we have put together this guide to enlighten you as to what the more modern day wild symbols can also do and how they can add a little more excitement to your online and mobile slot playing sessions.

Below you will find a variety of different wild symbols which can and will do additional things whenever thy spin in and appear on a slot games screen, so read on and then look out for some slots to play that have them attached to their reels.


Expanding Wild Symbols

When you set about playing any slot machines which have expanding wild symbols then each time you spin in a wild symbol that symbol will grow in size both upwards and downwards until it covers every single in view reel position on the reel it spun in on with wild symbols.

Those expanding wild symbols can massively boost the value of winning payouts much more so if you spin them in on lot of reels all in the same base game spin. Some slots will only have expanding wild symbols on their middle three reels whilst some other slots can have them attached to every single reel.

One of the best playing strategies for playing such slots that do boast lots of expanding wild symbols is to play them with all of the optional pay lines activated, as by doing so when you do spin in lots of those symbols and they expand you do have the chance of winning multiple times via that one single winning spin by forming slot of winning combinations!


Random Wild Reels

If you come across some of the new All Pays and All Ways slot machines that have hundreds or even thousands of ways to win on offer across their screens for a small increment of coins as your stake, you could find several of those slots offer a random reel bonus feature.

How those random wild reels bonus features are triggered is completely at random so they can suddenly be awarded to you as soon as you click onto the slot game spins button to send the reels spinning.

When awarded up to five of the reels will be turned completely wild, and what you will be willing to happen when those reels start to turn wild is that as many of them do turn completely wild as is possible.

If you are playing for example a 243 ways to win All Pays slot and all five reels do turn completely wild during that bonus feature you will then have formed a huge 243 jackpot payouts which will see you winning a massive jackpot payout based on the stakes you are of course playing for!


Wild Multiplier Wild Symbols

One set of wild symbols you should be on the lookout for if you want to play a slot that thanks to those symbols could award a mega sized winning payout are wild multiplier reel symbols, for each of those symbols when they stand in for a winning combination will boost the value of the payouts by the value of each symbols respective multiplier.

So for example, if you spin in x4 wild multiplier symbols the value of any and all winning payouts formed by those symbols will be quadrupled in value, which could of course turn a small valued winning payouts into a huge sized one!

Also, when playing slots which do have wild multiplier symbols and also offer a free spins bonus feature which boast its own built in multiplier value then the wild symbols will become even high paying ones.

In our example when a x4 wild multiplier helps to form a winning combination during a free spins bonus game on which all winning payouts are doubled, those winning wild multiplier formed combinations will be boosted by 8 times their respective normal pay table values!

You could also come across slot games which have wild multiplier symbols that are multiplied together when two or more of them form one single winning payout!

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