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Slot Machine Winners: Tony Glenn Carmichael

Tony Glenn Carmichael – is a fearless Robin Hood of Las Vegas, forever listed in the black lists of all the gambling institutions of the USA, the absolute hero of our today’s article. In contrast to the “counters” in Black Jack and professional gamblers in different varieties of poker against the casino, which break the law only in the eyes of the casino, our today’s hero is a true 100 percent scammer. However from the point of view of the majority of gamblers, Tony is a real hero because his victims – the owners of a casino and halls of slot machines, according to the majority are no more than legal bandits, robbing people. The history of the deception of slot machines includes in its development a set of stages. From the coin tied to a string to the complex of portable computers.

His first hacking of the slot machine Tony Carmichael carried out together with his friend Ray Ming. Some time friends successfully practiced on the old slot, standing in the Ming’s garage, by using a specially designed electronic device.

The first victim of the criminal duo became the casino Las Vegas Strip, and specifically, the 5-cent slot, which brought friends the first profit in the amount of $35. From this moment Carmichael’s life turned into a good luck, restaurants, yachts, beautiful girls, and continued up to the festive days – the 4th of July 1985(* The 4th of July – is the Independence Day in the USA). At 3 o’clock in the morning Denny Restaurant in the western part of Las Vegas was empty. Carmichael drank a cup of strong coffee, and moved slowly to the slot standing in the corner. A few minutes after the start of the game, the handcuffs snapped on the wrists of Carmichael. During the search in the pocket of his robes the portable electronic device, with the help of which he affected the slots, was discovered. Earlier, Tony had already twice been brought to criminal responsibility for drug possession; therefore, the sentence of the court was harsh.

Carmichael was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment for fraud. While he was behind bars, he got acquainted with Mike Balsamo, who also served time for fraud with slot machines. They agreed to find each other after the release from prison and together get back to the old, however, when Carmichael was released in 1987 ahead of time, he found that the industry of slot machines during the time of his absence had undergone a real revolution. Back in the early 80-ies the leading manufacturers of slot machines started to replace Bally and International Game Technology began to produce new high-tech slots and machines for games of video poker, using microprocessors and random number generators. These new slots gradually began to displace from the market the old electro-mechanical slots, and by 1987, when Carmichael was again at large this process was already in its final stage. New slots essentially looked like computer games. They were connected in networks, offering gamblers the mega-jackpots and reduced the chances of fraud to almost zero.

During the three years, Carmichael was not in practice, however, in 1990, he returned to Las Vegas and during 6 months was watching the video poker from the company IGT’s Fortune One. During the same time he invented a new electronic device, a small little record that was inserted in the slot tokens, and could influence the process of the game. Or rather not so much on the process of the game, as much as on the process of the counting of tokens put in the machine. At the first “test” the new invention began to bring Carmichael around $1,000 per hour. However, manufacturers of slot machines also were not out of job. Against The Carmichael’s device was useless against the new models of slot machines. Then Tony decided on the ” knight’s move”. Under the guise of a wealthy buyer he visited the exhibition of IGT in Las Vegas, and allegedly being interested in buying new slot machines asked the company to show him the mechanism of the new slots. As soon as the staff IGT took off the dashboard and showed Carmichael the “filling “of the new slot machines, he learnt instantly what he needed to do to trick them. He made his new device to deceive the slot machines for a few days and it began to bring him over $10,000 per day. He played throughout the country, in Nevada, Atlantic City, Louisiana, as well as in the casinos of transatlantic liners. Mike Balsamo and Raymond David Pereiro, who became his partners, worked with him. In a short time he bought a shop, two good houses and “jaguar” of the latest model……….
… be continued.

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