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Slot Machines And Jackpot

Many gambles have an idea of the jackpot. Sometimes in the news you can hear about the final winning of jackpot, which is a good sum of tens or hundreds thousands dollars, by the particularly successful connoisseur of slot machines. And sometimes the size of the desirable prize may exceed one million dollars. Thus, the role of the jackpot in slot machines online is extremely great.

Let’s look at the jackpot from the point of view of mathematical expectation. Let us imagine a situation in which we have the table of the winnings depending on combinations. Supposing, there is a combination of A-A-A, which in case of the benefit is paid on the basis of the coefficient of 1:500. Now, let us suppose that for the highest combination a not fixed win, but a jackpot is given. All other settings of the machine we leave the same.

So, the game lasts for some time. And now the jackpot has reached 865 rates. Let’s try to calculate what will be the percentage of return under new conditions.

Combination of characters Probability of a combination Payment of combination
A-A-A 0.001 865х
B-B-B 0,05 5x
C-C-C 0.1 1x
There is no combination of 0,849 03
Mathematical expectation of the game: +21,5%
The overall percentage of payments: 121,5%

As you can see, there is a direct dependence of the mathematical expectation of the game and the jackpot. The profitability of the game immediately increased. It turns out that each spin brings us due to the jackpot on average 21.5% of the rate. It is not bad, isn’t it?

However, in reality it is not so rosy. Of course, the role of the jackpot in the game on the slots online is rather high. However, much depends on that, what is the chance to win the jackpot. Most of the time when playing online casino games the probability of winning the jackpot is significantly lower than 0.1%. Besides, all the other winnings on slots with jackpots slightly reduce. This is done for one simple reason, it, thus, insures itself against too large loss in the case, if someone is lucky, and he picks a considerable sum.

The size of the jackpot, of course, depends on what casino to play. For example, if it is a small casino, it is unlikely that the total sum of all jackpots will exceed one hundred thousand dollars. However, in big casinos everything is different. Now, when I am writing these lines, in the InterCasino on the three-linear machine, Millionaires Club, the sum of the jackpot has exceeded $ 4 million. And only on one machine! Of course, everyone would like to win that amount. The trouble, however, is that the chances of such a win are negligible, and no matter how much you have played, the chances will not change.

Some very suspicious and skeptical gamblers say that, the bigger is the jackpot, the less is the probability of winning it. But this is not so. If this were true, no one on the Earth could ever get the jackpot. But the news tells us the opposite: rarely, but such miracles do happen. In the end, the casino is unprofitable if the jackpot is constantly accumulating and never falls into the hands of the gambler. The race for the prize, which it is impossible to win, in the end will become boring. But the pursuit of treasure, which it is possible to win, but is very, very hard, attracts more and more of thrill-seekers and excitement-seekers.

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