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Slot machines with the jackpot.

Speaking about the game on on-line slots with accumulative jackpot, there is one thing that is just beyond my understanding. Why people do play on these slot machines and do not stake on the ultimate stake? When they don’t do this, they lost the point of such games – even if you receive the rarest combination, you can’t win the jackpot! Yes, you will win 50 thousand but you won’t forget this accident for another reason – you won 50 thousand but you could have won 5 millions!

The point is that the percent of payments in such slot machines is lower, because they need to collect the main prize. The part of your stakes is going their, not in the pocket of on-line casino owners. So, when you play on these on-line slots with jackpot you dream of what? The right answer is to hit the jackpot! But! Most of these slots are based on the rule, according to which you can win the biggest prize only if you make the highest possible stake.

It is clear that many slot machines in on-line casino actually every player can afford to make an ultimate stake. But when we speak about more expensive slot machines, in which the highest possible stake is about $100, this is the kind of stake that can’t be afforded by some players. But what’s the point to play and not to make an ultimate stake? People, stop being fools! You’d better choose more affordable slot. This can be the one, in which the biggest stake is 25 cents, but even in that case you can win the Jackpot – 100 thousand dollars!

In a word, guys, these slot machines have this jackpot for it to be won by someone. But playing and not making the ultimate stakes… is just crazy waste of time: you play on the slot with very low payment percent without any hope to win the jackpot, even if you catch the appropriate combination.

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