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Slots and good luck.

Surely you’ve heard how someone claims being awfully unlucky in casino. You can with a firm confidence say that this man, at least, is mistaken in his beliefs. Success of games in casino, in most cases, is only partially depends on personal success. It depends largely on skills, experience, correctly chosen strategy and advantage over other gamblers.

If person regularly wins in games, such as blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, and others, his being lucky doesn’t explain it. Most likely, he spent much time on learning all nuances of game and skillfully uses them. Speaking different varieties of poker sport, luck can be mentioned only in certain episodes. In general, it is not even enough for a victory in a tournament, not to mention regular progress.

There is only one casino game, perhaps, where your skills are useless. It is slots. A rare place has no slots. It is not surprising, because every casual visitor may play on them, and his chances for success will be no less than that of professional gambler. No one knows what slot will issue a Jack-pot, and at what time it might happen. To try your luck on slots, only desire is needed. Rules of game in chosen slots can be learnt in two minutes, then you will need only fortune’s favor. All advice of the experienced gamblers concerning profitable strategy is only their personal error, following which is useless. In rare cases, it is ability to use software failures, but this practice borders with fraud.

Remember that slots are one of the most advantageous forms of gambling. Some slots return almost one hundred per cent invested money. To achieve the same low benefits of casinos in, say, black-Jack, you need to play accurately by basic strategy and even count cards. And slots are available for each visitor of casino.

Therefore, it remains only to learn correctly disposing your own means, not to spend beyond measure, and stop in time. Why do so many regular visitors of casino so disparagingly refer to slots? Probably, it is a psychological question. Firstly, process of game proceeds very quickly. Secondly, lack of need to think and make decisions is oppressing for many gamblers. Thirdly, they want to apply received knowledge in practice, and slots equalize beginners and professionals. Other reasons include need for human companionship, light-hearted interface of slots, the total light-minded attitude to them and many others. Many gamblers simply are not eager to rely fully on luck and prefer influencing outcome of game.

Slots can be strongly advised to visitors of casino, ignorant of rules of other games. They can have fun with slots, and result will not depend on their knowledge and experience. Speak about regular visitors of casino – some of them are seldom followers of slots, even if their results in other games are far not encouraging. It may seem paradoxical, but they prefer losing much money in blackjack, poker and roulette just for the result dependent on decisions made by them.

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