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Slots offering Poker Hand Winning Combinations

reel-play-poker-jacks-or-better-slotWith lots of online casino game players enjoying playing video poker games and video slot games then it was only going to be a matter of time before a casino game designer and supplier put together a brand new game which is a mix of both of those popular casino games!

This has now been achieved and as such if you make the very wise decisions of choosing to play at one of our Microgaming powered online casino sites then you are going to come across a slot known as the Reel Play Poker Jacks or Better game.

This is a video poker game mixed with a slot game and as such it may take a little getting used to if you do decide to play it online, however once you do get stuck into playing it we just know you are going to enjoy the way it plays and possibly more so the unique way that it plays.

However, as you may never have experienced the delights of playing the Reel Play Poker Jacks or Better game we have dedicated this particular game guide to enlighten you as to all there is to know about playing it, and with that in mind please read on for we are more than confident that you will enjoy playing it online.

Please do however be aware that as this is a Microgaming designed game you will always have the option of playing it for free before you give it any amount of play time for real money, and as such please do consider playing it via the free play log in as to ascertain whether it is a game you will then enjoy playing for real money, which we think you will do!


How the Reel Play Poker Jacks or Better Plays and Pays

The first thing that you need to be aware of is that the Reel Play Poker Jacks or Better game is first and foremost designed as a slot machine, and as such you will have to pick and choose just how many paylines that you wish to put into play along with the coin values you also wish to have in play.

The Reel Play Poker Jacks or Better game has in total 20 optional paylines that you can choose to activate however you are of course able to play any number of them from one to twenty per spin you can also play more than one coin per payline if you are looking to play I for high stake amounts.

Once you hare happy with the number of paylines, the coin values and the number of coins you have in play then all that remains to be done is for you to click on the Deal/Spin button. Once you have clicked onto that button on the main console area of the slot game screen you will then be dealt out an initial hand of five playing cards much like when you have chosen to play a video poker game.

You are then able to pick any of those five initial cards to hold, you can hold one to five cards or if you do not like the look of them then you are not forced to hold any of them, you then need to click on the Draw/Spin button and the cards you have chosen to hold will then be transposed onto all of the reel positions on the associated and corresponding reel.

The cards you did not hold will see their respective and corresponding reel or reels spin and then when the reels have all come to a stop any winning combinations that you have formed on any of your activated paylines will be paid out according to the pay table on this game.

Be aware that all of the reel symbols in play on the reels of this Reel Play Poker Jacks or Better game are playing card symbols and as such you will be able to spin in playing card symbols that can help you achieve a winning combination.

The winning combinations that you will be able to form are much like those found on a standard Jacks or Better video poker game and as such for the lowest valued winning payout you simply need to get a pair of jacks or better on any of your activated payline.

The other winning combinations that can be awarded to you when playing the Reel Play Poker Jacks or Better game, starting with the next lowest valued ones and working upwards in value are a two par hand, a three of a kind hand, a straight hand, a flush hand, a four of a king hand a straight flush hand.

The highest valued hand combination you can be awarded with when playing the Reel Play Poker Jacks or Better game is a Royal Flush hand.



Make sure you do give the Reel Play Poker Jacks or Better game some play time online for we just know that every players who enjoys switching from slot games to video poker games and back again when playing at an online casino site is going to love the way this games plays and pays.

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