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Slots that Offer a Multi Stage Bonus Game

hellboy-slot-bonusIt will often be the bonus games that are attached to video slot games you find offered at various online casinos that are going to tempt you to give those slots a try. However, what you are going to find it that there are lots of different bonus games that can be triggered!

Some of the most entertaining and exciting slots you can play online are those which offer a multi stage bonus game, and in this slot playing guide it is those slots we are going to be taking a closer look at.

It will not have escaped your notice that here on the Money Slots website, we have thousands of slot game reviews, and to save you having to look through them all in your quest to find a slot offering a multi stage bonus game, below you will find some of the very best ones to play!

We have looked at the playing structures of each of the slots we are about to introduce you to and have made sure that they are all multi stake slots, which does of course mean both high and low stake players are going to be able to afford to play them, and each slot does offer a potentially huge paying multi stage bonus feature round.


Multi Stage Free Spins Bonus Game Slots

Should you be looking for slot games on which you will ultimately get to play off a set of free spins then we have a few great playing slots to introduce you to! The first slot which should give you an entertaining base game is the Lotto Madness slot which is one of many Playtech slots which have free spins on offer via their bonus games.

However, when you choose to play this slot and you spin in the bonus game awarding symbols you first have to spin a large bonus wheel. Each segment of that bonus wheel is divided up into segments displaying a different number of free spins with a different multiplier symbols displayed underneath each of them, and whichever set of free spins and their respective multiplier values you spin in opposite the win pointer that will then be how many free spins you then get to play off.

If you are a fan of Microgaming slots then do checkout both their Prime Property slot game and their Moonshine slot. For these two slots have a multi stage bonus game on offer when three of those two slot games respective scatter symbols or more than three of them spin into view via the base game.

Once triggered those bonus games will then see you having to pick off boxes displayed in a grid like formation on the bonus game screen, and by doing so you will reveal either additional free spins, additional multiplier symbols or you will eventually reveal the start free spins message, and when you do your accumulated free spins and the multiplier values you revealed will then start to play off.


Pick and Win Multi Stage Bonus Game Slots

There are more than enough slot games on which you are going to find multi stage bonus games on offer, and if these are the slot games you do fancy playing online then keep on reading as we have a couple of them which we think you are going to love the playing structures on!

The Chain Mail slot from Microgaming has a set of bonus symbols on the odds numbered reels, and as such as you have spun in three of them, one on each of those reels then you will find a bonus game screen is displayed on the slot.

The aim of that bonus game is to work your way up each level of the grid by carefully selecting one position at a time on each level. You start on the base level and need to reveal a cash amount and not a game over symbol, for when you do that will give you a free pass up to the next level. The higher you make it up the grid the bigger and better the cash prizes can and will become!

Another slot game bonus game with a potentially huge paying pick to win bonus game which has been designed as a multi stage one is found on the Hellboy slot game. This slot is a 20 payline slot from Microgaming, and when you have spun in three or more Fist scatter symbols in view then you venture underground and take part in that multi stage pick to win bonus feature round.

The aim is for you to select different directions to venture from those offered to you on the bonus game screen, and the further you make it deep underground the more you stand to win!  However, you could end the bonus game at any level so do pick off the direction you move carefully!



There are way too many slot games for us to list on this multi stage bonus game slot playing guide, and as such we do invite you to spend a little time looking around our website, for when you do you are going to come across plenty of slot reviews of slots offering all manner of different bonus games.

As you are going to be able to sample the delights of playing any slot game that has taken your eye in a free play gaming environment at any of our listed and approved casino sites, why don’t you check our reviews, make a note of the slots which you like the look of, and then get stuck into playing them online for free?

If you then decide to play them as a real money player at any of our featured casinos as a first time player there are lots of high valued casino bonuses also up for grabs!

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