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Slots with Unique Reel Symbols

scrooge-slotPlease do have a good look around our website, for by doing so you will come across a huge range of slot game reviews and plenty of slot game related playing guides, and they will all help you locate the exact type of slot game you will enjoy playing the most when you make use of those guides and reviews.

One thing to keep in mind however is that it can often be the reel symbols that will make one slot game more appealing than others, and with that in mind we have put together the following guide to enable you to learn just what type of reel symbols are available on a range of different slots.

Whilst many of the older slot game you will find readily available online boats the more commonly known reel symbols there are a growing range of brand new slots which boast symbols which you will never have come across before that can perform unique things whenever they have been spun in.

So please read on and if you like what you read keep in mind you will be able to play any of the slots boasting unique reel symbols for free before playing hem for reel money, which is always going to be the best way to see if you actually like those types of slots and their unique reel symbols too!


Wild Symbols

The best type of unique slot game reel symbols to look out for are wild symbols, for whilst the basic wild symbols is only going to stand in for other reel symbols some of the newer wild symbols also have a range of different features attached to them whenever they have been spun in.

You will find some slots have unique expanding wild symbols and when they spin in they cover a reel in wild symbols, plus do look out for slots that have spreading wild symbols on offer for those wild symbols can spread all over the screen and help you form lots of winning combinations.

There are also some slot games which have what are known as random wild symbols and those symbols get added to the in view reel positions completely at random and the more of them that get attached to the reels the more winning chance you will have.

Some other wild symbols to look out for are wild multipliers for when they have been spun in if they help you form any number of winning combinations the payouts get boosted on the combinations formed with those symbols by the value of the multiplier attached to each of them!


Where to Play slots with Unique Reel Symbols

There are of course always going to be lots of different slot games available at sites that use different gaming platforms and different slot game designers slots, however if you are seeking out a large and very varied range of slots to play many of which come with very unique reel symbols then we would advise you to take a look at what slots are available at RTG powered casino sites.

Real Time Gaming have always been a company that you can rely on to offer a range of completely unique slot game but slots that come with plenty of new and never seen before reel symbols, and as such it will pay dividends for you to take a look at some of the slots they do have on offer.

It will be their range of video slots that are likely to impress you the most for those games often come with both base game features and bonus rounds on which those very unique and special reel symbols can and will be spun in on, so do consider checking out their range of slot game including all of their brand new slot games too!



As soon as you do find a range of slot games which are offering you some form so unique reel symbols then you will of course need to find a top rated casino site at which to play those slot games at, and we do have lots of first class casinos site to showcase you throughout our website.

One thing to keep in mind however is that each casino site will have their own range of slot games and often several different gaming platforms too so you will always be able to find the game you want to play and slots that you can access in a way that is convenient to you too!

So please spend some time looking through our casino reviews and also compare what each of them is offering you by way of bonuses, comps and their range of slot games too, for there will always be plenty of casinos you will like the look of and will want to sign up to when you do!

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