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The psychology of a successful gambler.

What is secret psychology of successful gambler? Is it possible to grow, form it, or is it given from birth to some lucky people? Every experienced and novice gambler, probably, wants to get answers to these questions. Let’s try to do it.

It is well known about existence of gamblers with a huge talent to successfully perform certain actions from birth. When asked how they do it, they quite honestly find it difficult to answer. However, other gamblers managed to build a model of a successful game using special techniques and can now teach everyone. But the model is constructed on the basis of performance of the actions, which in fact perform successful gamblers, not realizing it.

Modeling of success is based on use of the idea that our behavior is governed by nervous system, and the whole experience, which we receive in the course of life, is encoded and stored in nervous system forever. Consequently, we can assume that the same stimulus will cause similar reactions of an organism.

The second idea, which is used in modeling of a successful game, is the fact that decision-making plays a leading role in the programming of our conduct; it is directly connected with the experience encoded in nervous system. Under the experiences we mean the information that comes into our brains directly through the senses. Experience is what we can see, hear and feel through receptors.

And decision-making is only contingently related to a specific part of experience and serves like a fishing hook, suitable to capture only certain fish species, out of our “closet” that part of experience, which once conditionally connected with it. This fact is very important to understand and constantly remember, because it is through the word we create and any type of behavior.

It is in practice of making use of experience for decision-making in game that secret psychology of a successful gambler is hidden, and we will talk to you about it. Secret psychology of a successful gambler is simple: in the basis of such psychology is the habit of positive thinking. And here we shall discuss how to achieve this thinking, how to develop such a habit.

The basic idea, on which all models of behavior are built, is to break it down into its component steps. As our brain works on principles similar to computer, many aspects of work with a computer are quite acceptable to be carried on programming your own or someone else’s behavior. Every computer user knows that the machine on the output can only give the same result, the receipt of which was predetermined by the program at the entrance.

The same thing happens to our brains: the program of behavior we lay in words, said mentally or aloud. As you already know, a successful gambler has his own dictionary, the loser has his one. The secret of success and mastery is the same in game in all casino games and slots. If you learn it, you will be able to be successful not only in game in casino, but also in other areas of life.

Model of skill of game in a casino or on slots can be represented as two steps, the lower of which consists of knowledge, abilities and skills necessary to master this kind of game and the upper step are the features which distinguish the masters from a craftsman. To be a successful gambler, you must possess the technical and tactical skills peculiar to a particular casino game or video game, one should develop intellectually and maintain in good shape his mind. But every experienced gambler will agree that the listed qualities obviously are not enough for the highest achievements in game in the casino. There must be something else that separates the champion of poker, the gambler having won jackpot, a successful gambler from all other gamblers. And this “something” is located on the second step. A task of the author and the reader is finding out what this “something” means and its achievement.

As leading specialists in the field of gambling state, in process of playing in casino or the hall of slots a gambler has to set two goals: to win the largest amount possible and to make this result quite stable. Only gamblers who are playing consistently well can hold at the top of game.

To achieve this goal, a gambler will require psychological resource. The main characteristics of this resource are:
presence of a strong internal motivation, no need for external motivation;
mood to win the game at any bet, the willingness to show all abilities in game process;
the ability to see differences between number of earned money during game at casino, to differentiate the bet won as a result of simply good luck, and the bet won as a result of a clear following a game system.
willingness to learn from mistakes and ability to withstand the criticism;
positive, but realistic way of thinking, ability to maintain a positive approach to yourself and to game, ability to not give up under any circumstances game and not to lose hope of winning;
ability to control senses;
ability to maintain peace and stability, especially in the tense moments of game;
maintenance of the necessary level of concentration in the entire game;
ability to stabilize state of energy and vivacity;
ability to maintain confidence in different situations of game;
ability to fully realize your potential as a gambler;
ability to show your full potential in each game.

All of these factors give us understanding of what components you need to form psychology of successful gambler. Putting it briefly, then, probably, the main difference between a gambler with psychology of successful person and a gambler, not possessing this quality, is in definition of specificity of goal and in relation to loss. It is considered that all the above qualities are given to certain lucky people from birth, but all these qualities can be learnt.

It is not a secret that in every casino there are gamblers having a stable benefit from ability to correctly set goals and constructive attitude to defeat. They are not afraid to lose, as they regard lack of prize not as a defeat, but as a signal that in process of preparation to game something needs to be changed. Speedometer in a car for most people is not an indicator of driver’s success, but a meter, allowing driver to adjust process of control of vehicle. Results of games can also be regarded as a measure of achieved level of gambler’s skill in game against casino. In concept of mastery of play against casino the author includes ability of gambler’s control of his senses and state, control of his own thinking.

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