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To play on slots to gratify self-esteem.

Among gamblers playing slots, there are those that chose this game quite consciously. Operators of Internet casino divide gamblers on slots in several groups. Gamblers who are just lucky are among them. They become the ones who win progressive jackpots; they finally win more than lose. It seems strange; nobody understands it, as software developers know that defeats happen more often than winnings.

The gamblers loving to play slots always set the specific goal for game. They mostly prefer to amuse, visiting an online casino. However, among them there are such gamblers, which initially aimed at the victory. It might seem that this game is totally unpredictable; if software is in good state developing a winning strategy is impossible, as random number generator works irrespective of gamblers’ influence. So, in one gambling houses the visitor who plays in slots just for an appeal to self-esteem was found.

The man literally “was born in a shirt”. This is a usually told about the very lucky people. This user decided to try his luck, so he began playing at an online establishment. But in those games which require skill, he constantly lost, because he doesn’t possess any skills and desire to think next steps over. So he chose slots in the casino and started to win. He won more often than lost. The operators of this institution even suspected him of using a bot, but after checking he was completely clean. He was involved in all tournaments in slots on purpose, to prove an advantage to other gamblers.

He hasn’t received progressive jackpot playing slots so far, he hopes that soon he will. Surely, to play at online casinos so selflessly, much money is needed, he had it. Some operators of gambling establishments began to fear that this hero will visit their casino, as fear for income, which may become shorter.

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