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Transforming Wild Symbols

go-bananas-slot-wildWe want you to have an enjoyable time when playing at any of the casinos sites we have chosen to present to you throughout this website, however as there are now thousands of different slot games you can play online and at mobile casinos sites you may be having something of a hard time deciding which slot games to play first!

You could randomly select a range of slots when playing at any online or mobile casino site and that will certainly be an exciting way of selecting just which slots to play, however you may first want to take a step back and learn more about what each individual slot game has to offer you.

If that is the case then take a look through the following guide for by doing so we are going to be introducing you to a range of different video slot machines which offer something of a very unusual set of reel symbols.

Those reel symbols are known as Transforming Wilds symbols and whenever they have spun in they are going to do something very unusual other than just standing in for the standard reel symbols!


Transforming Wilds

There are quite a number of different ways that a slot game will be offering players a Transforming Wild symbol or a set of them and as such in regards to which slot game you will find those types of features on offer, there will be more than enough of them for you to test out and play.

However, one slot which does offer such a set of wild symbols is the Go Bananas slot which is found as part of the multi stake and multi line video slots offered at casinos at which you will find the NetEnt designed range of slot machines on offer.

Now that slot comes with a set of different Ape reel symbols, and what those symbols are going to do whenever one of them has been spun in anywhere on the in view reel positions on the slot game screen is to transform non wild symbols into wild symbols.

What you need to be aware of is that each Ape symbol has its own pattern attached to it and as such it will be the pattern attached to the Ape that has been spun in that will be used to transform non wild symbols into wild symbols whenever they make an appearance!


Which Slots Have Transforming Wilds

As motioned above it is the Go Bananas slot game that is the one which you will find a special set of Transforming Wolf symbols attached to them, and as that slot game has more of those types of reel symbols then it will be an ideal slot to play if you do like playing slots which boast such a playing structure and feature.

That slot is one of NetEnt’s 20 payline slots so do consider playing it for being one of their slot games you will find there is a higher than average payout percentages on offer on the slot which will always ensure you do get a fair chunk of your stakes you wager on that slot returned to you as winning payouts.

Also do study fully all of the pay tables attached to this slot game for you will get a good idea of how each of those Ape symbols work in regards to  transforming symbols into wild symbols and you will also see what you can win when playing it too, which could just be a mega sized winning payout!



One thing that you will soon notice when you switch over to playing online or mobile slot games from the land based gaming environment is that there are going to be hundreds or even thousands of differently structured and designed slot games available to you, and as such selecting the slot games you like playing once you sign up to any casino site will see you having to play lots of them to locate the ones you find the most exciting.

However, one thing you should always keep in mind is that by you signing up to any showcased casino we have reviewed throughout this website which is a casino using NetEnt’s range of slot games, then you will be given access to every single real money slot game those casinos have available as a free play demo mode slot.

So by allocating a few slot playing session to playing those slot games for free and at no risk you will be able to compile your own unique list of slot game you found the most appealing. You will then be able to play those slot games for real money whenever you are good and ready too, and some generous sign up bonuses will also be available to you too!

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