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What are Fixed Payline Slots?

asian-beauty-slotThere are going to be a huge number of different slot games that you can play online, and when you play the vast majority of slots you will find that as well as being able to adjust the stake levels and coin values at which you play those slots you are also going to be able to adjust the pay lines too.

However, there are a growing number of brand new slot machines that you will find available at casinos using different casino software and gaming platforms that whilst they do let you adjust the coin values you are never going to be able to adjust the actual pay lines.

Those types of slots are known as fixed payline slots, which should not be confused with All Ways and All Pays slots, for those alter named slots let you play every possible way of forming a winning combination on the visible reel symbols, whereas fixed pay line slots will have a set number of pay lines and you have to place a wager on all of them before you can send the reels spinning.

In this guide we are going to be taking a closer look at what fixed payline slots have to offer you as a player, and you may actually find that playing structure and format appealing and if so then take a look around our website as some of the slot game reviews we have compiled on a large number of those types of slot games.


How Do Fixed Pay Line slots Differ?

The main attraction of fixed pay line slots is that they will have some form of bonus game on offer or some form of base game bonus feature that takes advantage of you being forced to play every single pay line those slot games have attached to them.

They also often have an additional base game type of bonus feature or playing structure that will give you the chance of winning some high valued winning payout purely due to the fact that you have every possible pay line that slot offers in live play on each spin you choose to play off.

We have seen a lot of fixed pay line slots offering sets of stacked reel symbols, which can include standard reel symbols and also stacked wild symbols, the latter type of reel symbols when they spin in on several reels will then give you the chance of winning big depending of course on which reels they have been spun in.

Similarly when you play a fixed pay line slots which offers for example a set of free spins, you will always then have the best chance of winning as you are playing off you awarded free spins as there is never the chance of you missing out on a winning combinations spinning in during those free spins on a pay line that you have not chosen to put into live play!

As you are going to need a slightly higher than normal bankroll to play fixed pay line slots as they will be more expensive slots to play if you do not usually play every single pay line on offer on any optional pay line slots, then one way you can get more value from your bankroll is to claim one of the many casino bonuses that are given away to players.

There will be plenty of bonus offers and special promotions available to you if you choose to sign up to any of our featured online casino sites, so make sure that is something you consider doing as those bonuses will give your bankroll a boost in value meaning you in turn have a bigger bankroll and more casino credits available to play any fixed pay line slot game you like the look of!



Why not at the very least sample just how great playing fixed pay line slot games are to play, remember that each of the mobile and online casino sites we have showcased around this website are going to let you play any of their available slot games completely free of charge and as such you will be able, once you have registered as a new player, to then give as many different fixed pay line slots a try as you like for no risk.

Also it may also be beneficial for you to also test out and play some of the new All Pays and All Ways slot games that are also growing in number and being launched at our top rated casino sites for much like the fixed pay line slot game you will have plenty of chance good winning on every base game spins of those types of slot game you send spinning, and they do offer a very exciting slot playing experience too!

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