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What are High Variance Slots?

You are always guaranteed to find exactly the right type of slot machine you want to play if you sign up to any of the range of hand-picked casino sites that we have showcased to you throughout our website, and as such you should take a look around our site to see just what unique slot games are on offer to you at each of those casino sites!

However, one very important thing that you should ensure you know all there is to know about is something called slot variance, for you are going to come across some slot games that can eat up your bankroll very quickly and often get very little back at times as winning payouts!

Those slots are what are known as high variance slots, and whilst you may think there is no point playing them if they are going to eat up your bankroll very quickly, it should be pointed out that the way those slots have been designed is such that they do offer you the chance to win some mega sized winning payouts every now and then either via their base game or via their bonus games too!


What Makes a Slot a High Variance Slot?

When you do come across a high variance slot keep in mind that the way the pay tables have been designed and also the way that the reel symbols and layout of the reels have been structured and formatted in such a way that you are not going to get as many small valued winning combinations spinning in.

That therefore means that by not spinning in that many lower valued winning combinations the slot can then afford to payout some huge valued ones often quite out of the blue.

It is usually the case that a high variance slot will have been designed in such a way that there could be some high valued wild multiplier symbols in place on their reels which is how those slots can payout big.

However, you may also come across some high variance slots on which you are going to find stacked reel symbols and often stacked wild symbols too, and as such whenever you are playing them with all of the pay line activated and put into play you could spin in a screen full of matching reel symbols and achieve those rare mega winning payouts!


What Type of High Variance Slot Can I Play?

You will find that you can play three reel slot machines online and in mobile casino sites that have a high variance playing structure in play on them, however keep in mind that when playing such a slot you may be best advised to see if there are any enhanced jackpot payouts on offer if you play maximum bet spins.

If so then the very best way to play those high variance three reel slots is by setting the coin value settings to ones that you can afford to pay per spin and then playing them for maximum coins spins to take advance of any enhanced jackpot or other payouts as listed on the pay tables of those slots.

You will also find that there are going to be hundreds of high variance video and progressive slot machines available to you to, but at all times keep in mind they can be quite greedy and expensive slots to play at times, so one little tip we can pass onto you is to only ever set about playing them for stake levels that will ensure you get a fair amount of base game spins out of your bankroll!



When you do decide that you would like to set about playing high variance slot machines always keep in mind that they are the very riskiest slot game you can play and as such one way that you can play them to see if you do like the unique way they all play and pay is by giving them some play time in a no risk playing environment first.

One of the many additional benefits of you making the very wise decision of singing u to any of our feature online or mobile casinos site is that they will all let you play any of their range of slot games for free with an unlimited supply of demo mode credits.

With that in mind do feel free to spend some time testing out any of the high variance slot machines and slot games that our featured casino sites have on offer to their player and play them for free until you fully understand how they play and pay and the risks attached do playing them too.

But when you to play them for real money and those mega winning payout spin in we are more than confident that you will always want to pay them time and time again!

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