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What is the Lowest Stake you can Play Progressive Slots for?

When you see the size of some progressive slot game jackpots you will probably be itching to give them some play time, for there are several progressive slot games that have jackpots so high in value you could become a multi millionaire if you ever win one of them!

However, it is worth noting that some slot games that do offer such jackpots have been designed in such a way that the only way you could in the jackpot is when playing maximum stake spins.

Therefore many slot games offering one or more progressive jackpots can be very expensive slots to play, and therefore they are not going to be suitable for very low stake low rolling slot players.

But all is not lost if you do fancy playing such slots on a small budget, for many of our featured casino sites have slot games that can be played for any stake amount and you still have the chance of winning a progressive jackpot.

So consider signing up to casino sites using Real Time Gaming, Playtech or even Microgaming software platforms for all of those companies have designed and launched plenty of different progressive slots that award their respective jackpots no matter how much a player is staking per spin!


Progressive Jackpot Payout Caps

If you come across any casino sites that are going to allow you to use bonus credits on their range of progressive slot games then you need to be very careful about doing so.

The reason for me saying that is that quite a number of casino sites that do allow their players to claim bonus credits and then use them on progressive slot games are going often put caps on the amount of cash a player can win with those bonus credits.

As such if you are playing for example using a bonus that does have a maximum payout cap of say 5 times your deposited amount and you deposit let’s say 100.00,then the most you can cash out as winnings from that bonus is 500.00.

Imagine how you would feel if you won a mega sized progressive jackpot, only to find out you could only claim 500.00 of that jackpot and cash it out, with the remainder being voided out by the casino site!

Getting Paid Out a Progressive Jackpot Quickly

It is of course with the aim of winning a jackpot that you are going to set about playing any progressive jackpot awarding slot game, and one thing that is vital to know and also fully understand about some casino sites is the way that they are going to pay you out any progressive jackpots that you are ever lucky enough to win.

Some casino sites have monthly or weekly payout limit caps in place at their casino sets, which means you are only going to be able to cash out a certain maximum amount of cash from your casino account each week or money based on those payout limit caps.

There are going to be no payout limit caps in place if you decide to play at any casino site that uses the Microgaming software platforms, as all jackpot winners winning any size of progressive jackpot get them paid into their bank accounts via a single payment.

Some casinos do however have some very large daily payout caps in place too, so by playing at one of those of casinos sites if you do ever win a progressive jackpot you will not be waiting very long to receive that jackpot payout!



If you do want to have the complete peace of mind that you are never going to experience any type of problems when playing progressives slot games or for that matter any type of slot or casino games online, then do yourself a favour and checkout our featured online casino sites.

Every single one of the casinos that we have reviewed on this website have been hand-picked by us based on their track record in regards to giving all real money players fast payouts, no nonsense bonus offers and the biggest and best ranges of proven fair casino games too.

Keep in mind too that as soon as you do make the very wise decision of signing up to any of those casino sites you can then make use of any or even all of our exclusive bonus offers too, and when playing any of the slot games available at those casino sites you will also be earning comp points too.

But always do try and play a very varied selection of different slot games, for you may get to like some slots that you may not usually play, when you do set about playing lots of different slots!

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