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When is the Best Time Use the Gamble Option?

The best time you can choose to use the gamble game option on a slot machine is always going to be when you can afford to do so! For not every time you take that optional gamble game are you going to have a winning outcome, and as such if you do have plenty of casino credits in reserve it will not make too much of  dint in that bankroll if you do not win when taking that option!

The most commonly found gamble game option on many online, mobile and even land based slot machines is the gamble game on which you have to try and guess the colour or the suit of a playing card that will be dealt out from a single deck of playing cards once you have made your decision.

If you guess the suit of that card correctly you gambled amount will be quadrupled, however if you choose instead to simply guess whether that card will be a red one or a black one and you guess correctly your gambled amount will instantly be doubled. However, no matter which option you pick if you guess incorrectly you will lose the amount of cash you gambled on that gamble game!


Unique Slot Game Gamble Games

You have probably seen some of the more usual slot machine gamble games such as the one mentioned above, however that particular gamble game can get very boring to play off once you have used it a few times!

As such try and always expand the boundaries in regards to the type of slot machines and slot game you play online, for there are some slot game designers who do design a range of slots which have unique gamble game features attached and on offer on them!

Take for example the range of BetSoft Gaming designed slots, those slot games offer 3D animations and as such their respective bonus games are much more advanced. You will come across plenty of their slots which had coin tossing gamble games or dice throwing gamble games which are certainly much more exciting and entertaining to play off!

In fact, we have seen a couple of their more recently launched slot games on which you have to guess which hand the onscreen character has a coin in to win when playing off that gamble game!


Fruit Machine Gamble Games Explained

You are going to find some quite different gamble game options available to you if you choose to play fruit machines instead of the usual casino styled slot games, and as such we shall now give you a quick insight into how the gamble game options on fruit machines tend to work.

One of the most commonly available fruit machine gamble game involves a special number reel, that is an additional reel on the game on which there are just a set of numbers usually those numbers are the ones from one to twelve.

If you choose to take the gamble game option on one of those fruit machines that does indeed have a number reel then by doing so you will be required to try and guess if the next number spun in on that number reel is going to be a higher one or a lower one than the previous number displayed upon it!

It you guess correctly then of course that will be a winning outcome, however if you guess incorrectly then that will be a losing outcome. Often, if you do make a correct guess and have a winning outcome you will be able to carry on gambling using that number reel!



As there will be several different gamble games on offer to you depending of course on just which slot games and slot machines or even fruit machines you choose to play, then one of the best way you can actually experience firsthand at playing of each of the many different gamble games you will come across is by playing a range of slots for free and at no risk.

As each of our featured casino sites will allow you to play any of their slot machines for as log as you like for free and at no risk then that is something you should seriously look at doing.

That way you can play each slot you do initially like the look of for free and play them in such a way that each time you spin in a winning combination you take their respective gamble game option.

That way you can see whether there are any gamble games you do enjoy paying off more than others and will also be able to judge for yourself whether taking the gamble game option on any slot machine you play when playing or real money is going to be something you are prepared to do too!

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