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Which Are the Best Multi-Player Slots?

Playing slot machines online may be something that you have shied away from doing, AND if you are quite a social person then you may find playing online slots quite a solitary thing to do!

When you play for example in a land based brick and mortar casino you are going to be able to chat to anyone sat playing the slot next to the one you are playing, and if you are playing with friends or family member you can always choose to sit side by side and have plenty of additional fun as you egg each other on when playing.

That is something you can rarely do at an online casino site, for you will be sat at home playing on your computer and will never have the option of interacting with other people or players.

However, quite a number of casino sites will offer you a new range of slot machines that are known as multi-player games, and when playing them you will be playing slot machines online but will be playing them alongside other players and can interact with those other playing via a chat room!


Community Based Bonus Games

One feature in regards to the design of some multi-player slot games that many people do enjoy is that when the main bonus game attached to any of them is triggered it is going to be very single player sat around playing that slot that will then get to play off that bonus game all at the same time.

Therefore those community styled multi-player slots can be even more fun to play for not only can you interact with other players you all get to play off the exact same bonus game together.

Also if you do have any family members or friends that live a long way away from you and you all love playing slot machines then by logging into the same casino site and choosing the exact same multi-player slot machines to play you will get plenty of shared thrills and spills playing with you family members located anywhere across the globe.

Do not think that multi-payer slot games are going to be costly games to play for you will find they come with fully adjustable staking options to you can play them for a stake level you can afford!


Consider Entering Online Sot Tournaments

There are some additional ways that you can play slot machines and slot games online is a multi-player format and one great way and very cost effective way too is for you to consider taking part in some of the growing number of online slot tournaments that many casino sites now have on offer to their players.

When you take part in an online slot tournament you will find you either get a free entry to that tournament or you will be required to pay a small entry fee to take part in one of them.

But by entering them you are then going to be able to play a tournament slot games for a certain amount of time and all winning payouts you achieve are awarded to you as points.

There can often be hundreds of even thousands of other online slot players who are taking part in a slot tournament, and it will be the players that accumulate the most points via their spun in winning payouts during their slot tournament play that will pick up one of the cash or bonus prizes on offer on the tournament they have entered, so consider entering a few of them as any player can win!



You are always going to have full control over just which slot games and slot machines you play when logged into any casino site, and if you ever do come across a range of slot games that you have never seen or played before then keep in mind there will usually be free play version of those games available to you.

By playing several different slots for free and for fun initially you are then going to be able to make a much better judgement call in regards to just which ones will be worth playing when you want to play them in a real money playing environment.

One question that I do know many first time online slot players tend to ask a lot is whether the free play slot games are set to payout higher RTP’s than the same slot machines when they are being player for real money.

As long as you stick to playing at any of the casino sites we have chosen to showcase to you throughout our website, you will find that the long term expected payout percentages they have each been designed to return to players is the same no matter whether you play them for free or for real money!

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