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Which Classic Slot Have Bonus Features?

You may have come to the conclusion that when you are a player at any online casino site you are only going to find it is the slot games designed as five reel video slots that will offer you a diverse and potentially high paying range of bonus games.

For is it often those types of slots which can award you with one or more bonus games and bonus feature rounds when you set about playing them. However, there are some older styled classic slots that do come with some form of bonus games, and there are actually some potentially mega paying bonus games on offer on those types of three reel slots.

With that in mind if you do fancy playing some completely different slots online than the usual video slot game you tend to play more often, then keep on reading for below we shall be introducing you to some classic three reel slots all of which offer you some form of bonus game.

However, make sure you read through this guide carefully as often you will only ever have a chance of triggering those three reel slot game bonus rounds when you play them in a certain way as described below!


Wheel Spinning 3 Reel Slot Games

There is plenty of great playing and potentially very high paying three reel slots available at Microgaming powered online casino sites and several of the bonus games on offer will be a wheel spinning based bonus game.

However, when you do set about and set forth playing those types of slot game you will find that they are all fixed coin slots and as such you have no choice other than to play them for the coin value setting hey have on offer which is usually 0.05 or 1.00, however the bonus games will only be on offer and can only be triggered on those slot games when you play the maximum number of coins on the one single payline on offer.

So if you do decide to play any of them do make sure that you do indeed play for maximum coin spins for if you do not when the bonus wheel spinning triggering symbols spins in then you will not be awarded with that bonus game, so keep that in mind when staking each spin as maximum coin spins will always be the order of the day!


Unique Types of 3 Reel Slot Game Bonus Rounds

Once again we would advise you to set about playing at any of our rated and licensed online casinos that that do offer you the range of Microgaming designed and supplied slot games if you are looking to play a range of different 3 reel slots which have some form of bonus game on offer.

Microgaming do have plenty of the wheel spinning bonus game awarding slots on offer via their three reel slot game selection, however you will also find a couple of other three reel slots which can and will eventually award you with some form of bonus game.

One popular slot is the Sizzling Scorpions slot game and when you trigger that slot bonus game you will have to pick out one of several Scorpions displayed on the screen in the hope that after that Scorpions races some other ones it finishes in a high position in that race to secure a high valued inning payout.

Also Microgaming do have pick and win styled bonus games on offer on one or two of their other three reel slot games, so do be on the lookout for those other slots too!



All that you will now need to do if you do fancy playing classic slot games on which you will eventually trigger one or more bonus game is to find an online casino site that does have a very wide variety of those types of single payline slots!

There are going to be no shortages of casino sites offering you bonus game awarding slot games and slot machines and as such we would like you to spend some time looking through and checking out our casino reviews, for by doing so not only will you be very easily able to find out how diverse and large each casinos range of classic slot games are, but you will also be offered some generous bonus offers too at each of our featured casinos.

Be aware that many of our website visitors enjoy playing the range of Playtech Slot Games, for those slot games come with lots of different staking options, plenty of high valued jackpots and some above average payout percentages too, so you will always shave a fair chance of ending a slot playing session when playing their classic bonus game awarding slots in profit!

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